• Organization TypeWorks & Construction
  • Founded1966

Ricciardello Costruzioni

It is 1966 when geom. Giuseppe Ricciardello, as soon as he obtained his diploma as a surveyor, gets the enrollment in the provincial list with the title of Construction Manager, starting his entrepreneurial activity in the public works sector. Under the guidance of the geom. Ricciardello, the Company begins to acquire the first public tenders, executing works of modest entity on behalf of public bodies, mostly local. Over the years, Ricciardello increased its turnover, creating works with increasingly high amounts and counting among its customers important public and private bodies such as ANAS, AUTOSTRADE, NATO and RFI. At the same time, the corporate structure is strengthened, ie offices, workshops, equipment and work vehicles, specialized workers and qualified technicians who, working in synergy with both the construction sites and the professionals of the aforementioned institutions, have contributed to the ascent of Ricciardello in the sector of national public procurement. The construction techniques adopted have always followed the development of knowledge in the structural field, adapting each time the production to the quality standards required by the various public commissions. Among the major works carried out by Ricciardello Costruzioni, particular importance is given to the works to complete the A20 ME-PA motorway (Lots 26 bis, 27 1st section and 30 quater), contracted by the Sicilian Motorways Consortium and carried out under the high surveillance of the 'ANAS. Said works have projected Ricciardello among the large national companies for which it now boasts the construction of important engineering works that have contributed to increasing the annual turnover and, consequently, the SOA certificate.
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Company Offices

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