• Organization TypeDevelopment Consulting, Service Providers
  • HeadquartersAngola
  • Founded2013

Romagest, SA.

Romagest - Training, Marketing & Finance, SA, a national capital company, was created on August 01, 2013, based in the Lubamba Condominium - Rua 1 - Casa 14 Zona Verde - Benfica - Luanda. In Portugal, it has offices at Rua Mateus Vicente 10 1. Dtº, Benfica - Lisboa. The company has five areas of action, engineering and construction, consulting, project and business management and training with the specificity of designing and designing On -Job training projects, short-term actions, and actions designed according to the real needs Training. Romagest SA is dedicated to the development of training, consulting and project management areas that aim at entrepreneurship and foster the training of qualified professionals. In this perspective, their areas of action consubstantiate the micro and macro economy, aiming at entrepreneurs who want to create new workspaces or want to modernize their companies, to achieve a process of sustainable development. They train certified technicians in professions that fit into developed urban areas, sustained by a constant need and demand of employers, who are increasingly concerned with the quality of their services and the satisfaction of their clients. Vision EFFECTIVENESS, INNOVATION AND QUALITY Romagest seeks to play a leading, dynamic, effective, efficient and always innovating role, based on sustainability as a quality project in terms of their interventions. Mission PROMOTE> MANAGE KNOWLEDGE> FORM Romagest's mission is to ensure the total satisfaction of its customers through the provision of training services, ensuring efficiency and increasing the skills of the trained technicians and the organizations in which they operate. Values ​​and principles COMPETENCE, KNOWLEDGE, ETHICS AND RESPONSIBILITY COMPETENCE, because it fosters the development of professional competences, social and organizational capacities as well as cognitive and strategic capacities. KNOWLEDGE, because it is a precious asset that we acquire through study and the experience of life, a valuable heritage left by our ancestors to perfect it. ETHICS, because it is essential for them an honest and transparent relationship with their customers, partners and employees, thus ensuring mutual respect and trust. RESPONSIBILITY, because they are committed to the solutions proposed with a view to concrete results. They defend a serious and personalized market action, always considering the legal and moral standards implemented, as well as the codes of professional ethics.  
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Company Offices

  • Angola (headquarters)
  • Luanda
  • Lar do Patriota, Benfica