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SG Consulting Group

A network of internationally recognized international experts   A multidisciplinary international expertise of high caliber with a collaborative approach to provide you with the most appropriate advice according to your specific needs. By capitalizing on the resources of academic, professional and corporate communities, SG Consulting Group promotes the development and access to a common knowledge base; it thus contributes to widening the perspectives of the scientific community and to establishing a greater proximity between stakeholders from different backgrounds. Their ambition : Be your privileged partner in your relations with the rest of the world; your window to the world. WHAT DO THEY DO? ADVISORY SERVICES AND CAPACITY BUILDING SG Consulting Group offers a wide range of services to help you effectively meet the challenges of this century. Their specialists assist you in finding the best solutions for your concerns by developing on-site expertise to implement and monitor. SG Consulting Group's consulting services cover all areas of the economy and public and private management and more thanks to their network. WHY CHOOSE THEM? 21st century trends - Globalization, integration, the internet, the new economy or the knowledge-based economy, information and communication networks, sustainable development, climate change - are shaking up the way organizations do things. The most successful companies are those that perform best, with know-how being the most important asset of companies in the new economy. The key to success in this new world in perpetual change: Flexibility, Agility, Capacity Building, Innovation.  SG Consulting Group puts its network of experienced academics and professionals at your service to: - help you to increase the know-how in your organization and thus achieve your performance objectives. - enable you to build strategic alliances and strengthen or even increase your competitive position. - give you access to global expertise.
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