• Organization TypeInstitute
  • Staff101-250
  • HeadquartersNorway
  • Founded1984

Sintef Petroleum Research

The SINTEF Group is the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia. Every year, SINTEF supports the development of 2000 or so Norwegian and overseas companies via their research and development activity. The abbreviation SINTEF means The Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research at the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH). Business concept SINTEF's goal is to contribute to wealth creation and to the sound and sustainable development of society. They generate new knowledge and solutions for their customers, based on research and development in technology, the natural sciences, medicine and the social sciences. Vision Technology for a better society. Vision SINTEF Petroleum AS works to improve the identification and recovery of national and international oil and gas resources in a profitable, environmentally friendly and safe manner. Their vision is Future technologies for efficient, safe and environmentally friendly petroleum business. Effective means that the value added in the petroleum industry will be cost-effectively and with the least possible use of energy and materials Safe means that technology advances safeguards people, materials and environment Environmentally friendly means so low environmental impact as possible Establishment and purpose SINTEF was established in 1950 by Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH), which today is part of NTNU. The full name was, until one amendment in 2008, "Company of Scientific and Industrial Research at the Norwegian Institute of Technology". Today, SINTEF organization's full name. SINTEF is a non-profit research institute. It aims to contribute to the development of society through carrying out research in science, technology, health and social sciences in cooperation with NTNU. SINTEF is not profit purpose. Growth and development SINTEF established because professors NTH as possibilities for building up a contract research activities, and used SINTEF instrument. The activities were organized by SINTEF departments with the local professor who heads. How developed SINTEF up until 1980. SINTEF had its strongest period of growth in the 1970s. This was due to the growing technology needs of the young Norwegian petroleum industry. Large national laboratories Ocean Laboratory and the Multiphase Laboratory saw the light at this time. The so-called goodwill agreements gave Trondheim environment a boost. Foreign oil companies were encouraged to add research to Norway and NTH / SINTEF positioned itself well. Goodwill period lifted NTH / SINTEF to a high, international level, technologically speaking. In 1980, SINTEF turned into a commercial foundation and professionalized as an organization. The old model of NTH professor who SINTEF leader walked out, although some continued in double roles. Essentially, SINTEF now own leaders. The SINTEF was established in the middle of the 80s, when three new departments were placed under SINTEF umbrella. Norwegian Ship Engineering Research Institute (MARINTEK), Electricity Supply Industry Research Institute (EFI) and Continental Shelf Institute (IKU) was converted into joint stock companies with SINTEF as the biggest shareholder. A fourth corporation, SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture, was created in 1999. SINTEF Building and Infrastructure is born January 1, 2006.    
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Company Offices

  • Norway (headquarters)
  • Trondheim
  • SP Andersens vei 15 B, 7031 Trondheim
  • Norway
  • Bergen
  • Thormøhlens gate 53 C, 5006 Bergen