• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • Staff6-25
  • HeadquartersSouth Africa
  • Founded2012


The SolarTurtle is an ultra secure rural electrification micro-utilityin a box. Shipping containers are converted into small, mobile solar power stations. These SolarTurtles are designed for off-grid schools where conventional solar PV solutions will not work. In crime ridden areas across Africa traditional solar PV solutions have failed. The solar panels are typically stolen within a few months of deployment. The problem is so bad that the Gauteng provincial government was prepared to dismiss solar power as a possible electricity solution for schools and community centres. However, we can do something about this! The SolarTurtle is Solar Kiosk designed for unparalleled security and maximum portability. These container based solar kiosks are assembled off site then deployed by simply offloading the container and unfolding the panels towards the sun. The SolarTurtle feeds just like a turtle. In the morning when it is safe the panels unfold from their secure location to feed from the rays of the sun. In the evening when it is unsafe the panels fold away into the hard shell of the container. The power from the SolarTurtle feeds the school and a small women owned solar kiosk business inside the container. This kiosk allows students to recharge their phones, ICT devices and bring light to their homes. The little shop also sells solar home kits and employs locals manage the installations. In the evening the shop locks up securely with the rest of the turtle, giving peace of mind.
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