Sorenson Impact Foundation

The Sorenson Impact Foundation funds a variety of worthwhile endeavors including charitable, educational, scientific, environmental, health care and religious purposes. Of primary interest are those grants and program related investments that have the potential to become sustainable, scalable projects that maximize positive impact on the lives and societies they touch. The Sorenson Impact Foundation is dedicated to supporting projects that leverage scarce resources to maximize impact for individuals, families and local economies. To this end, they will evaluate each potential investment and track each project based on the following criteria: Measurable impact. How does the project lift and empower the people it serves? For example, how and to what extent does a prospective social impact project improve the earning capacity of the ultra-poor? How much does an arts education program improve demonstrated student academic performance or engagement (for example, attendance, behavior and test scores)? What skills and experience does an entrepreneurship training project provide for the students it serves, and what measurable difference does it have on job placement, investment performance and other aspects of entrepreneurship and investment? Sustainability. In social impact, the experience of their leaders and a growing body of credible research indicate that the conventional approach of resource redistribution is often ineffectual, and sometimes even reinforces patterns that cause poverty. Accordingly, the Sorenson Impact Foundation seeks to implement programs that are self-sustaining and have a long-term impact. In arts education, as another example, do the programs represent a more efficacious means of performance improvement than existing approaches so they can win the hearts, minds and committed effort of legislators, educators, administrators and parents? Effecting positive change. The Foundation seeks to identify and support high-impact change agents. For example, does an entrepreneurial education project help participating students to recognize new or emerging high-impact investment opportunities and strategies that result in simultaneously doing well (positive ROI) and doing good (creating quality new jobs and job categories, support local and regional economic development, etc.)? Does a social impact program lift participants into new higher-paying jobs and status, or help turn self-employed individuals into employers? Synergy with other Foundation projects. Given the enormity of the challenges confronting society and the limited amount of resources at their disposal, the Foundation recognizes that no single project or organization can effect systemic change working in isolation. They will evaluate prospective grants and investments based in part on how well they can be leveraged with donations and investments of other organizations or how well they fit and add value to other projects in their program portfolio to create lasting, positive change.
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