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  • Founded1997
Synergy International Systems, Inc. (“Synergy”) is a global software and consulting company that provides innovative and user-friendly Web-based software that help organizations improve their decision-making capabilities and effectiveness. Since 1997, we have been providing our services as both a software vendor and a systems integrator to public and private sector clients in over 30 countries worldwide. We specialize in Web-based database systems, Web Portals, and Web Services for mission-critical information collection, analysis and reporting. We work in a variety of domains, including monitoring and evaluation, public sector financial management, case management, and development effectiveness. Our rapid application development and client-centric approach complement the strength of our technology. Our mission is to help organizations around the world realize their full potential by improving their analytical and decision-making capabilities through powerful, innovative, and easy-to-use information technology. Thanks to our Intelligent Data Manager (IDM) platform technology, we develop reliable, flexible, scalable and sustainable decision-support tools for our clients.   SERVICES   Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) An  essential  component  of  any  viable,  results-driven  approach  is  a monitoring and evaluation (M&E)  information system that enables users to collect,  analyze  and  report  critical  data  in  an  efficient,  flexible,  and customizable way.  Synergy  implements  cutting-edge M&E  systems  that support evidence-based, strategic decision-making by effectively measuring the results of activities, projects, and programs.   Public Financial Management Synergy  has developed  a way  of  tracking and  reporting  on  both donor assistance  and  capital  investment  through  a  seamless  interface,  and integrating them within a national budgeting system that allows the Ministry of Finance to develop and execute the budget with a whole of government approach.  Synergy's  budgeting  module  covers  sector-  or  region-  level development assistance and public  investment programming, as well as basic  levels of accumulated  requests  for  funding by ministries or  regional authorities.   Development Effectiveness Synergy offers  state-of-the-art, world  renowned  information management systems for, and unmatched expertise in, tracking, analyzing, and reporting aid and grant information at the country, regional, and international level. The system can operate on its own, or be interconnected with regional or ministry  level applications, public investment modules, a national budget preparation and execution module, or monitoring and evaluation modules to track performance results.   E-Government Synergy's  e-Government  platform  is  a  comprehensive  solution, where  all governance processes between the state structures, substructures, citizens, and  private  sector  are  carried  out  by  electronic  tools  and  streamlined through the Web. These flexible one-stop-shop systems are fully customizable and  have  diverse  capabilities  including  application  processing,  various registration processes, querying,  reports generation, and amendments  to data.   Business Intelligence Synergy's suite of products offer advanced business intelligence capabilities to users and stakeholders through modules capable of querying, reporting, analytics, monitoring and evaluation, and other decision-support activities. These tools are customized to fit the needs of each and every client, including governments, private companies, and non-profits, and promote data and knowledge sharing within an organization.   Public Health Synergy provides local and national level health management information systems and services, as well as national level coordination tools for health related development assistance, commodities tracking, and pharmaceutical distribution.   Rule of Law Synergy  provides  case  management  systems  that  streamline  business operations and processes  in a wide array of  industries,  including  finance, health, justice and education.  Synergy approaches case management in developing countries with a combination of capacity building and rapidly implemented and modifiable solutions that are customized for ease of use.    

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