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  • Organization TypeDevelopment Consulting, Works & Construction
  • HeadquartersNetherlands
  • Founded1952
TAHAL Group International B.V. is a multinational engineering company with headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Fully owned by Kardan N.V., the Group ranks among the top companies of its kind in the world and specializes in multidisciplinary fields such as water and wastewater systems, hydropower, desalination, solid waste management, and agriculture and irrigation development. Organizationally, TAHAL operates under two principal arms: Assets, headed by TAHAL Group Assets B.V.; and Projects, headed by TAHAL Group B.V. TAHAL Group Assets B.V. owns production companies in a variety of fields in different parts of the world, mainly under long-term concession agreements. TAHAL Group B.V. is project-oriented, and comprises subsidiaries and branches rendering planning, design, construction and project management services in the framework of engineering projects worldwide. Turnkey contracts are handled by the Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Management (EPCM) Division, an integral part of the TAHAL Group B.V. structure. The bedrock of expertise for the Group lies with TAHAL Consulting Engineers Ltd. and Water Planning for Israel Ltd., two veteran subsidiaries based in Israel with a 50-year storehouse of proven experience. Services Water Resources Management Agricultural Planning Environmental Engineering Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Industrial Engineering and Energy Desalination Water and Wastewater Systems Drainage and Flood Control Solid Waste Management Technical Services The TAHAL Group operates in numerous countries throughout the world, principally in East and Central Europe, Asia, Africa, Central and South America, and the Mediterranean Basin. TAHAL operates in the framework of projects funded by international financing institutions such as the World Bank, InterAmerican Development Bank, European Development Bank, African Development Bank.

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Company Offices
  • Netherlands (headquarters)
  • Claude Debussylaan 30, Vin├Ály Building, 13th floor