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For almost 20 years now, their customers have trusted Techsol Marine with their reliable systems, their innovative vision and thier dedicated employees. The company has earned a reputation as a world leader in the marine industry. With Techsol Marine, thier customers not only benefit from their extensive technical experience in marine electrotechnology, but can also count on the expertise of certified employees to service the equipment they provide worldwide. Their ability to provide rapid and qualified expertise has proven to be crucial for customer support. Techsol Marine’s dynamic research team continuously develops new concepts of high technology adapted to the marine industry, in order to provide state-of-the-art products such as automated systems. For today’s market demand, Techsol Marine is committed to annual research and development in order to meet challenging needs and provide customers with a unique and high quality product. Over the years, Techsol Marine has gained a reputation as an established integrator of “Whole Ship Electrical Solutions”. Techsol Marine designs, builds, integrates, installs and supports state-of-the-art electrotechnological solutions for the marine industry. Electromechanic systems are at the heart of a ship’s operations and a malfunction generally has significant impacts for its operator. It’s in this perspective that their team of experts implements the highest standards of the maritime industry to ensure operational continuity regardless of the navigation conditions. Techsol Marine stands out because thier team of experts capitalizes on their experience and expertise with passion to make every project a success.  Proud partner of Green Marine and many other associations, they actively participate in supporting the sustainable growth of the maritime economy while encouraging the hire of skilled workers and by protecting their precious marine ecosystems. At Techsol Marine, each project starts with a solid understanding of the needs and objectives of their clients so they can ensure an optimal design that integrates easily into different on board systems. Because their solutions are vital to ship operations, they pay close attention to every detail and they adapt their services to the specific needs of each client. For every project they use the expertise that their team has built over the years and this knowledge is used every day on over 450 ships. Thanks to the genius of their employees and the quality of the products supplied by their subcontractors, they can maintain the highest standards of the marine industry as well as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications by Lloyd ‘s Register Quality Assurance. Through its passion for innovation, Techsol Marine’s team intends to grow with its clients in developing solutions that are continually more reliable and with better performance. They are at your service! Their solutions are mostly used for: Automation & Control Making the individually designed systems work together is critical. This is the role of the ship’s control and automation system. It integrates the main systems and allows the crew to manage vital ship operations. Electrical Distribution Boats are much like mobile power plants, generating critical energy to the functioning of the ship. The energy management aboard a ship is thus crucial. For these specific pieces of equipment, Techsol Marine… Consoles Whether you are undertaking a new build or a retrofit for an existing ship, their team of experts is able to deliver consoles and standard or personalized cabinets suited to your specific needs…

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