• Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO

Terre & Humanisme

Missions: share, transmit, support agroecology By sharing agroecology in the North as well as in the South, the association intervenes in the training and awareness-raising of actors in peasant agriculture and the general public to accompany and support the agroecological transition. Values: earth and humanism inseparable The agroecological transition requires putting people and nature back at the center of our concerns. The actions of Terre & Humanisme aim to reconcile the response to the essential need for all human beings to feed themselves with the need to preserve nourishing earth, the only guarantee of collective survival. Governance: doing it together Terre & Humanisme is a 1901 law association. It is made up of a Board of Directors elected at the General Assembly and an operational team made up of 20 employees. Since 2015, the operational team has chosen to operate according to the principles of shared governance. Without a management position, employees experiment as much as possible with a horizontal governance model, in conjunction with the Board of Directors and the office. Many tools have been put in place to facilitate team management and cooperation with the Board of Directors.
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