The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA)


  • Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO, Service Providers
  • Staff101-250
  • Founded1931
CANSA’s purpose is to lead the fight against cancer in South Africa. Its mission is to be the preferred non-profit organisation that enables research, educates the public and provides support to all people affected by cancer. CANSA’s Unique Role and Service Delivery A leader in the fight against cancer in SA, the purpose of the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA), is to offer a unique, integrated service to the public and to all people affected by cancer. It’s mission is to be the preferred non-profit leader that enables research with regards to lowering cancer risk, educating the public regarding symptoms and risk reduction, and providing care and support to all people affected by cancer. CANSA is a leading role-player in cancer research (more than R12 million spent annually) and the scientific findings and knowledge gained from their research are used to realign their Health Programme, as well as strengthen their Watchdog Role to the greater benefit of the public. CANSA’s Advocacy team performs an important Watchdog Role, striving to influence South African policy makers with regards to important cancer control issues, to create public awareness of known cancer-causing factors, and also to give those affected by cancer a voice, protecting their right to healthcare. Their CANSA Seal of Recognition (CSOR) is underpinned by research and is awarded to products that promote a balanced lifestyle and further contribute to cancer risk reduction, by not containing any cancer-causing substances. Their Health Programme is comprised of health education campaigns around awareness of cancer symptoms, the importance of screening and lowering cancer risk. Their Mobile Health Clinics take this message to men and women in rural areas, who would otherwise not have access. Their CANSA Care Centres offer a wide range of care and support services to those affected by cancer:  stoma support, wigs, prostheses, assistive devices and medical equipment hire, wound care, lymphoedema management and other clinical support, including counselling, support groups and home-based care. They supply patient care and support in the form of 11 CANSA Care Homes in the main metropolitan areas for out-of-town cancer patients undergoing treatment; a Wellness Centre based in Polokwane; and CANSA-TLC lodging for parents and guardians of children undergoing cancer treatment.

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