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The Groundwork Collaborative

The Groundwork Collaborative is an initiative dedicated to advancing a coherent, persuasive progressive economic worldview and narrative. We are committed to collaborating with a diverse array of partners to advance an economic system that produces strong, broadly shared prosperity and abundance for all people, and not just a wealthy few. Our work is driven by one core guiding principle: we are the economy. A strong economy delivers real opportunity, security, and prosperity for all families—not just the wealthy few. For too long we’ve built up barriers to a strong economy, while ignoring what actually creates prosperity for all. OUR MISSION We are working with economic policy experts, progressive movement leaders, and activists on the front lines of progressive causes in communities across the country to: Develop and advance a progressive economic worldview. Collaborate and foster new ideas, and develop new pathways to share information. Break down issue silos, support and amplify each other’s work, and show up for one another on critical economic issue campaigns. OUR VISION We are the economy. When all of us—white, Black and brown—work together, we build a thriving economy that delivers meaningful opportunity and prosperity for everyone. When we each have the power to make choices and invest in our communities, families, and own futures, we all make the economy stronger—and that way, our families can do more than just live paycheck to paycheck, we can get ahead.
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