• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • HeadquartersCameroon

The Rural Women Center for Education and Development (RuWCED)

Together they can help rural women and children survive the challenges of HIV/AIDS and stigma, lack of education, cultural discrimination, poverty, poor health and sanitation. The Rural Women Center for Education and Development (RuWCED)-Cameroon is a not-for-profit grass root organization that works to promote the health, education, livelihoods, human rights and development of rural women, youths and children. They work in collaboration with community based women groups, traditional councils, schools and health centers. They also explore and extend the relationship between resources, women's health and women's human rights in a bit to promote a humanistic vision of bodily integrity and well-being. In most rural communities, there is no guarantee that a rural woman will escape maternal death in either of it forms. You can however, ensure some degree of guarantee with your services, gift or sponsorship. Most of these young girls cannot afford for pads, and tend to use dirty cloths and leaves during their menses. This causes many to shy away from classes because their dresses always get stained.  THEIR VISION They believe that all humans have the same rights and deserve to make decisions that can influence their futures and bodily health. They believe that: no given culture, values or customs is superior to another. They believe that much of the pain and suffering of fellow humans is caused by “man’s inhumanity to man”, and as youths, they shall do all they can to lend a helping hand whenever possible. By “man’s inhumanity to man”, they  mean embezzlement of funds, lawlessness, violence, discrimination, tribalism, racism and religious fundamentalism. They believe that women and girls have the same skills, rights and capacities as do men. They believe that networking and dialogue empowers more than violence of any form. They believe in transparency, accountability and a servitude at all levels of their functioning. THEIR MISSION They envisage rural communities in which women, youths and children can claim/exercise their; social, cultural, economic, civil and political rights, as well as access the educational, natural and financial resources necessary to live dignified and fulfilling lives. Villages where people, especially women, youths and children infected with HIV/ AIDS can live stigma free lives!
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Company Offices

  • Cameroon (headquarters)
  • P O Box 50 Long Street Ndop North West Region 237-Cameroon