• Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Foundation, Advocacy NGO
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  • Founded1998
The Shalom Foundation is a faith based, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing charitable medical and surgical care for children ages 0-17. The patients are children living in extreme poverty from across Guatemala.  Without The Shalom Foundation, these children would go untreated. The Shalom Foundation is funded through personal donations, corporate contributions, foundation grants and special event fundraisers. Contributions to The Shalom Foundation are  tax deductible.  Contributions made to The Shalom Foundation go directly to support life-changing medical care for impoverished children. MOTIVATED by the aspiration to pursue initiatives toward the attainment of peace and development for the people of Myanmar, Shalom (Nyein) Foundation was founded by Rev. Dr. Saboi Jum and a group of principled leaders from different backgrounds in May 2000. It was in 1991 when now chairman and founder of The Shalom Foundation, Steve Moore, traveled to Guatemala on a mission trip with his church. So profoundly touched and moved by the people he met on his journey, Steve returned home transformed and realized a new purpose for his life.  God had opened his heart to Guatemala.   Since then, the foundation has been in the forefront of peace-building processes aimed at transforming the conflict which has been dividing the country deeply for nearly half a century. With the generous support from SwissAid, Trocaire, German Embassy and Misereor. it was able to start carrying out its programmes in the early stage of its existence. SF has grown from a locally-based organisation (in Kachin state) to an NGO that operates on a national level, with international links. Registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs of the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), Shalom Foundation has been actively involved in the peace mediation. It has been continuously making efforts geared towards creating space for a constructive dialogue between the military government and ethnic armed groups with the end in view of achieving just and lasting peace. High level Mediation The main element in this programme is peace talks through the Ethnic Nationalities Mediators Fellowship (ENMF). At present representatives from five ethnic nationalities actively participate as members of the ENMF. There are five different ENMF groups, operating respectively in Kachin, Karen, Kayah, Chin and Mon states. Each group operates independently and responds to the situation in its own area. Shalom (Nyein) Foundation’s Director Rev. Dr. Saboi Jum is directly involved in the on-going post-ceasefire talks with the Kachin Independence Organisation (KIO). With regard to non-ceasefire groups, SF’s involvement in the mediation process is through ENMF members. This includes facilitating the preparation process with the members, linking with key military officers and networking among the mediators.  The ENMF groups have built good relationships with both government officials and the armed groups. They attempt to facilitate mediation between the sides. In some instances however, the government directly talks with the armed ethnic groups. However, a very recent development in Kachin state has demonstrated that mediators can actively engage in the ongoing peace process. Additionally, SF convenes a forum for armed group leaders from the ceasefire groups, in which they can come together as part of an on-going dialogue process. Given the current political situation, it is not easy for the armed groups to meet. However, one forum where they can meet is the Kachin Traditional Harvest Dinner, organised by SF since 2001. This is a high-profile occasion, attended by the government’s high-ranking official respective military commanders, the various armed groups, religious leaders, and ENMF members as well as community leaders.

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