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TTC Group

40 year of establishment and development is seen a reflection of the Founder’s contributions and the Successor’s competence in overcoming the challenges. TTC Group (TTC) changes itself from the role of a producer and trader into an investor in different industries from Real Estate – Energy - Agriculture – Tourism. The efforts are seen as the process of polishing a precious stone – winning the employees’ hearts in order to nurture develop their talents, showing righteousness and generosity in order to achieve success in the highest spirits of self-confidence and responsibility. That is the “Bright mindset - Brilliant success” journey with stable steps moving forward; creating increasing values that benefit its own entity and the community. TTC today, with itself as the major investor and 20 subsidiaries, own their development strategies for each sector. This it to prepare for a private multi-industry corporation which operates successfully and sustainably in the form of centralized administration, decentralized management, called “Proper governance, responsible supervisory, professional management” At each company invested, TTC ensures the profitability and benefits to the investors, customers and employees; while creating values for all the participants of the Corporation and becoming a well-known Vietnamese brand in the process of WTO integration. Despite facing challenges as other Vietnam enterprises in the economic downtown, TTC maintains its long term plans and proudly achieves successes, based on its inner strengths and management methodology. These are spread out to all the subsidiaries which make competition advantages as a whole. Deciding that “Business is a mission rather than an interest”, TTC aims to become a private multi-industry economic corporation which is superior in scope and quality of services. TTC expects to create increasing values for customers and partners, shareholders, employees and community. TTC’s core values include: Accompanying its partners with the commitments of development - Meeting the needs by providing high quality services; Deep local awareness – Extreme market Absorption – Holistic social responsibility. TTC considers these a thorough orientation to reach the goal of sustainable development and to maximize its business performance. With the team of proactive and creative managers and staffs, TTC continues to develop in order to “turn wishes into reality – turn efforts into success”.
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Company Offices

  • Viet Nam (headquarters)
  • Ho Chi Minh City
  • 253 Hoang Van Thu, Ward 2, Tan Binh District