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Union Coop

Coop’s main activities are to establish hypermarkets and manage cooperatives within UAE. Union Coop is the largest consumer cooperative in the UAE as it operates 17 branches and two malls (Al Barsha Mall, Etihad Mall). Union Coop has also launched two grocery chains: Mini Coop and Coop,  a new concept, thereby making it the first consumer cooperative to include a smart shopping concept in many of its branches in the MENA region. Additionally, Union Coop plays an active role in stabilizing prices through promotional campaigns and offering real-value offers and give prizes worth tens of millions yearly. Union Coop’s outlets offer a wide range of products from food and electronics to hardware and household appliances. ABOUT UNION COOP/ UNION COOP PROFILE Union Coop family is headed by a CEO appointed by the Board of Directors, and assisted by a team of department and division managers and directors, along with a qualified and well-trained workforce. THEIR TEAMS Success requires diligent efforts and a high level of coordination among various teams. They at Union Coop have 16 branches across Dubai. In order to provide the best services and products, all divisions and departments carry out their tasks to the fullest. Union Coop consists of three main divisions: Operations, Properties & Projects, and Trading, in addition to seven departments: Finance & Accounts, Human Resources & Emiratization, Internal Control, Business Strategy and Corporate Development, Information Technology, Happiness & Marketing, and Administration Affairs. Union Coop is like a beehive; divisions and department work day and night to make all clients happy, which reflects the national economic role of the establishment and its local nature which is embodied by leaving a positive impression, which is the responsibility of all divisions and departments without exceptions. THEIR SOCIAL ROLE In order to carry out its strategy and to excel in providing social service to the communities in which it operates, Union Coop supports various social and community sectors and societies with millions of Dirhams each year. This is motivated by its commitment to carrying out its role in serving society, participating in social development, stimulating development and prosperity in the UAE, contributing alongside the government with spreading the culture of charity and doing good, and supporting public-benefit activities and initiatives.
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