• Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO

United Nations Children's Fund Albania (UNICEF Albania)

UNICEF Albania supports government reforms, civil society initiatives and research that help all children to enjoy their human rights. As Albania seeks integration with the European community, they want to make sure that no child is left behind, and that development takes place with equity. In their work, they help government and their partners to focus on children from the most vulnerable and marginalized groups. Albania is a State Party to the Convention on the Rights of the Child and its Optional Protocols. UNICEF assists government and development partners to understand the obligations arising from the ratification of these treaties and to translate these into national legislation, policy and programs. They work to make laws work for children. Social norms and values determine whether all children can develop to their full potential, and whether all children are adequately protected and supported. UNICEF engages in policy dialogue, the sharing of knowledge and public campaigns and provides technical assistance to influence positive social change. It is their aim that the children’s best interest is always considered first in all decisions affecting social policy, and that the weakest and most vulnerable children receive special attention.
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