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Value Creation Services (VCS)

VCS is a Management Owned Consultancy Company focusing Business Development (SME's) Business Development Reform in Developing and Emerging Markets Business and Project Management In the Norwegian Market VCS may deliver company and / or project management, especially in companies aiming for – or working in an international market. They may assist in establishing necessary funding for planned internationalisation activities. In the International Market they may contract or sub-contract management for Good Governance deliveries within Anti-Corruption Programs, Development of Business Environments, and Solution Design for Development, Implementation and Operation of Computerised Registers. FOCUS AREAS Norwegian Market VCS may deliver Business and Project Management services, especially focusing: Internationalization Project Funding Strategy Processes Product Innovation Business Consultancy Internationalization Internationalization has been viewed as a process of increasing involvement of enterprises in international markets, although there is no agreed definition of internationalization or international entrepreneurship. Empirical studies of foreign direct investment (FDI) have become much more ambitious in scope over the last 30 years. In the 1960s, the main focus was exporting versus FDI. In the 1970s the internalization approach identified licensing, franchising and subcontracting as other strategic options. The resurgence of mergers and acquisitions in the 1980s - often as a "quick fix" route to globalization - highlighted the choice between greenfield ventures and acquisitions. At the same time, the growing participation of U.S. firms in international joint ventures drew attention to the role of co-operative arrangements. In the 1990s, the role of FDI in "transitional" or "emerging" economies (Europe, Africa, Asia) has brought back into focus some of the classic issues of the 1960s: The "costs of doing business abroad," and the importance of "psychic distance." It has renewed interest in the general questions as to why some modes of entry offer lower costs than others, and why certain circumstances seem to favor certain modes over others. Referring to the entry modes discussed below, VCS has been involved in designing and implementing all four internationalisation approaches, exporting (Poland and Latvia), licensing (Macedonia), Joint Venture (Tanzania and Poland), and FDI (Poland and Macedonia). The decision of how to enter a foreign market can have a significant impact on the results. Expansion into foreign markets can be achieved via the following four mechanisms: Exporting Licensing Venture / Joint Venture Foreign Direct Investment Management for Hire Management is a business critical area for SME’s. Any business needs managers who all the time is able to solve upcoming company challenges. Typically a small business may not have in-house expertise satisfying competence requirements arising from immediate, short-term or long-term challenges. VCS has delivered project – and company management for several years in Norway and abroad and will continue doing so in the years to come. Through their competence and experience in managing companies and projects, as well as through their network of experts, they are able to assist and evaluate the challenge in a strategic and operational perspective. Emerging Markets The term “governance” is very old, probably also then the “good” and “bad” versions have existed for centuries. However, now “good governance” is becoming more and more used in developmentr litterature. Several definitions apply, the one more extensive than the other. The term “govenance” is normally used in connection with several contemporary social sciences, especially economics and political science. Good governance may be seen as depending on transparency, accountability and equality in ways that are responsive to the needs of people. It is composed of the mechanisms, processes and institutions through which citizens and groups can articulate their interests, exercise their legal rights, meet their obligations and mediate their differences. Within the broad concept of good governance VCS focus consulting services in Developing - and Emerging Markets and the development of Business Environments. Anti Corruption Business Registration Business Environment Project Funding VCS has been involved in the process of funding projects over several years. For Norwegian SME’s they have assisted in getting necessary funding for projects from Innovation Norway, from the Research Council of Norway, and from the EEA grant instrument established between the Norwegian Government and the European Union. They have also worked with equity capital instruments and venture capital environments. VCS will continue assisting in establishing project funding for SME’s.  
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