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Who Profits from the Occupation is a research center dedicated to exposing the commercial involvement of Israeli and international companies in the continued Israeli control over Palestinian and Syrian land. Currently, they focus on three main areas of corporate involvement in the occupation: the settlement industry, economic exploitation and control over population.   Online Database and Information Center On this website, Who Profits publishes information concerning companies that are commercially complicit in the occupation. Their online database constitutes part of an ongoing investigation. Who Profits also serves as an information center for queries regarding corporate involvement in the occupation – from individuals and civil society organizations working to end the Israeli occupation and to promote international law, corporate social responsibility, social justice and labor rights, both in Israel and internationally.   In-Depth Reports and Case Studies Who Profits publishes in-depth reports and flash reports about industries, projects and specific companies. Their recent publications include:   Use of the Hewlett-Packard (HP) Basel System in checkpoints. The direct involvement of Israeli banks in financing the Israeli occupation. The new Tel Aviv-Jerusalem high-speed railway, which cuts through occupied Palestinian areas. The dependance of the Israeli wine industry on vineyards in occupied territories. The exploitation of a captive Palestinian market by the Israeli pharmaceutical Industry. Israeli agricultural export from occupied territories. The oppression of Palestinian protest with crowd control weapons. The role of heavy engineering machinery in the occupation mechanism. Other recently published reports review, in depth, the occupation-related activity of specific companies, including:   Ahava – Exploitation of occupied resources. Sodastream – Production in settlements. G4S (Hashmira) – The involvement of private security companies in the occupation. The Powerful Impact of Strategic Research The verified and reliable information presented by Who Profits helps civil society organizations and policymakers to stimulate a candid public debate concerning the economic effects of the occupation and the global and local economic interests that play a significant role in sustaining Israeli control over the occupied Palestinian territories.   History Who Profits was founded in 2007 as a research project of the Coalition of Women for Peace (CWP) – a feminist, Palestinian-Jewish organization devoted to the struggle against the occupation. The project’s character was shaped through the consistent and devoted work of many activists in CWP and the cutting-edge feminist agenda of this organization, which constituted an empowering habitat. In 2013, in light of the expansion of Who Profits and its increasing professionalization as a research center, the project separated from CWP and became an independent organization. Who Profits and CWP continue to collaborate as sister organizations.

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