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Wildlife Insights

A new platform providing data, technology and science-based tools for conserving wildlife Wildlife is important to all — and it continues to disappear. Despite mounting evidence of its value, from genetic biodiversity to ecotourism, wildlife is slowly vanishing from our planet, with dozens of species going extinct every day. Humans suffer directly from this loss, as it diminishes ecosystems’ ability to support food and commerce, a dilemma only made worse by climate change. And though there are many good initiatives working to monitor and save wildlife, a scarcity of quality data often prevents their success. The adage “we can’t manage what we can’t measure” remains true for most elusive animal species. The challenge is not in the absence of wildlife data, but in maximizing its accessibility and use. Thousands of camera traps are deployed around the world every year, gathering data on the status of wildlife distribution. But existing camera trap data are difficult to process, sit in isolated silos, are scarce in places where data is needed most, and are often being collected using outdated technology. Other wildlife sensors, like acoustic monitoring devices, face similar challenges, are in their infancy, or are disjoined from widely-accessible platforms. There simply is no standardized, end-to-end solution that currently exists to enable data-driven wildlife conservation action and evaluation. Without this solution, wildlife trends cannot be reversed. They aim to build on existing camera trap monitoring efforts to create the most comprehensive wildlife monitoring platform on the planet: Wildlife Insights. By connecting data providers with decision makers and using a standardized and adaptable end-to-end technology solution, this platform will advance data-driven wildlife conservation. The ultimate goal of this ambitious effort is to help stabilize and recover global wildlife populations.
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