• Organization TypeDevelopment Consulting
  • HeadquartersEl Salvador
  • Founded1997
ZETA AMALTEA is an independent consulting and engineering company whose aim is offering answers to challenges to come, related to water and environment VISION AND VALUES They dully appreciate the personal and professional commitment of the team: - With customers and society - With innovation and technology  as means of improvement and contribution to shared prosperity with the social environment. ZETA AMALTEA was founded in 1997 by a team with a broad experience in the fields of engineering, consultancy and business management. In 2001, the company got its first international contract and established collaboration agreements with several enterprises and other entities, strengthening its sector position.  In 2002 they introduced an integrated system for quality assurance, environmental and workplace risks management and data protection. Since 2003, they operated in the frame of a business excellence system, based on EFQM model (European Foundation for Quality Management), that was awarded in 2007 by Aragon Government.  In 2010, due to the economic crisis, they have begun a process of renovation and adaptation to the new circumstances, reinforcing the choice for international markets and making a bigger effort in innovation and the intensive use of technology. SERVICES  Integrated Water Management  Water planning and management  They work to get an equitable and cost-effective use of water, from the design stage to the return of water to the system, after having been used.  Eco-hydrology  Its aim is to integrate and value environmental services provided by aquatic ecosystems into water uses, as a mechanism of improvement in the recovery, protection and conservation of these ecosystems.  Sustainable use  They manage and analyse the demand systems, to get a more rational and cost-effective use of water, minimizing environmental externalities.  Adaptation to climatic change  They analyze the potential effects of climatic change in water and demand systems, to make decisions that minimize the adverse impacts and take advantage of derived opportunities.  Governance support  They audit water management systems to identify improvement opportunities and correct deviations in strategic objectives fulfilment.  Prevention and adaptation to extreme hydrological phenomenon  They design proactive protection measures against droughts and flooding.     Applied Groundwater Hydrology  Groundwater hydrology and infrastructure They offer solutions to problems derived from the interaction between engineering activities and groundwater.   Urban groundwater hydrology  They optimize the interaction between human settlements and underlying aquifers, making the most of its advantages and minimizing negative effects.  Groundwater hydrology exploitation  It consists of groundwater management directed to increase natural regulation and sustainable use of water.     Environmental Management and Sustainability They offer answers to environmental problems caused by human activity, using prevention and impact correction strategies based on multi-objective analysis.  

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