More than 15 years of experience working for multilateral institutions, development banks, international political foundations, donor agencies, universities reseach center and think-tanks on economic, political and social institutional building on transition societies in Latin-America and Africa. Expert on economic development strategies, public policy analysis (design, monitoring and evaluation) and democracy governance.



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    • Government / Economic Policy [on leave up to 2020], Doctoral Degree, Georgetown University , June 2019 - December 2022
    • Foreign Service Program on Diplomatic Studies [DEFERRED], Master's Degree, Oxford University , October 2018 - July 2019
    • Economics [ON-GOING], Master's Degree, Universidad Francisco Marroquín - UFM , April 2018 - June 2019
    • Behavioural Science [ON-GOING], Master's Degree, London School of Economics and Political Science - LSE , September 2016 - December 2019
    • Advanced Global Management, MBA, Instituto de Empresa - IE , Spain , March 2016 - July 2017
    • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Graduate Certificate, Harvard Law School , September 2013 - May 2015
    • Political Management, Master's Degree, The George Washington University , United States , June 2012 - April 2014
    • Development Studies, Master's Degree, The Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies - IHEID , Switzerland , August 2011 - May 2012
    • International Finance, Advanced Executive Program, Columbia University - School of International and Public Affairs , January 2011 - January 2011
    • International Trade Law and Policy, Advanced Executive Program, The George Washington University Law School , January 2008 - January 2008
    • Economia Social de Mercado, Diplomado, Universidad Miguel de Cervantes , January 2003 - January 2003
    • Economics (Major) / Political Science (Minor), Bachelor's Degree, PUC-Rio / UCAM , Brazil , January 1994 - January 2002

    • International Society for New Institutional Economics - ISNIE
    • Latin-American and Caribeean Economics Association - LACEA
    • International Political Science Association - IPSA
    • American Political Science Association - APSA
    • The HM Royal Institute for International Affairs (Chatam House)

Experience Summary

  • Skills, Background, and Experience

      Economist and political scientist with strong professional and academic record in public policy analisys (expertise on the effects of international trade and industrial policies over inequality, poverty and social issues), pro-market reform and governmental affairs.

      8 years of consulting experience working as international consultant, international observer, program coordinator, trainer and lecturer on economic development, structural reforms in transition economies, poverty reduction strategies and democratic governability for international development banks and multilateral agencies such as EU, UNDP, OAS, IDB, AECID and USAID, among others.

      15 years of experience as consultant/officer for university-based research institutes in Brazil (CERES/FGV, Instituto Genesis/PUC-Rio, CEAs/UCAM) and abroad, with expertise on project management, fund-rasing and publishing.

      Former senior member at International Affairs Committee at Brazilian Industrial Federation (CNI), American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) and Rio de Janeiro´s Industrial Federation (FIRJAN). Member of Brazilian Business Coalition (CEB) and its China Working Group.

      Ad hoc consultant on economics and governmental affairs for Ostos&Sola Comunicación Integrada (Madrid, Spain) and Otto Reich Associates (Washington-DC).

      Ad hoc collaborator on democracy promotion for International Republican Institute - IRI (Washington-DC, USA) and Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung - KAS (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

      Ad hoc contributor to El País (Spain), O Globo, Estado de São Paulo newspaper and Exame magazine (Brazil).

      Extensive networking with economic, political and business communities in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Argentina, specially political leaders at federal and state level.

      Previous professional / academic experience in Latin-America, Europe, Asia and Africa (US, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, El Salvador, Jordan, Spain, Vietnam, Mozambique and Angola).

  • Areas of Expertise :

      • Economic and Public Policy Analysis 
      • Democracy Governance for State Reform
      • Institutional Building and Development
      • Political Management
      • Projetc Management
      • Regional Expertise: Latin America
  • Responsibilities :

    • Write proposals/grant requests
    • Provide technical advice on projects
  • Opportunities I Might Consider :

    • Field assignment
    • Full-time staff position
    • Long-term consulting assignment

Employment Summary

  • March 2009 - Present Head of Govt Innovation Unit, Organization of American States - OAS

    • Responsible for design and implementation of OAS/SAP Integrated Country-Strategies for Effective Public Policy and Management to Bolivia, El Salvador and Guatemala. Technical liason with Office of the President on those countries. General coordination of OAS-Bolivian Government Technical Cooperation Program 2010-2014, including 35 technical cooperation projects on public sector’s structural reforms and institutional strengthening, covering several functional areas such as: development strategies, productive transformation, organization design, capacity building and public policy analysis. • Under OAS Technical Cooperation Initiative with El Salvador, I’m leading the OAS team responsible to offer technical advice to Presidential Committee for State Modernization and Reform (“Comissión Presidencial Especial para la Reforma y Modernización del Estado”) on a comprehensive systematization of El Salvador public sector reforms, covering the following topics: institutional reform, intergovernmental coordination, good governance (mainly, public oversight) and public services deliver, and to support and coach the elaboration (updated version) of Pluri-Annual Development Plan (“Plan Quinquenal de Desarrollo”) • Responsible to lead the Technical Secretariat for the following Inter-American high-level networks: OAS Inter-American High-Level Committee of Presidential Ministries and OAS Inter-American Network of Political and Public Leadership (“on hold”).

  • January 2010 - Present Founder-Partner (ON LEAVE 2012-2020), LATAM Advisory Group - LATAM

    Founder and senior-partner of LATAM, a Washington-DC based emerging economic & political consulting firm dedicated to economic consulting, political management, business development, foreign investment advisory, commercial diplomacy, international trade services and governmental & international affairs in Latin-America. PCG has an extensive team of high-profile consultants and business capacities to offer professional and project management services in all countries in LAC region, with international correspondents in Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Madrid, Washington-DC and Santiago.

  • February 2017 - December 2018 Guest Lecturer on Open Innovation, McDonough School of Business / Georgetown Latin-American Board

    • Responsible to design and lecture exectuvive education courses on courses on (i) Open Innovation in the Digital Era and (ii) The Future of Government at Georgetown Competitiveness Leadership Program (GCL) and Innovation and Leadership in Government Program since 2015. • Mentoring and coaching GCL Georgetown graduate-level students in design and refine their start-up proposals to be pitched on Georgetown Latin-American Board Committee in order to raise seed-money funds for competitiveness-oriented initiatives to be implemented in Latin-America.

  • August 2013 - December 2018 Adjunct Professor [non-tenured faculty], The Graduate School of Political Management at The George Washington University (GSPM/GWU)

    • Responsible to design and lecture graduate-level courses on The Politics of Public Policy, Strategic Political Negotiation, Government Innovation and Behavioiral Economics at GW/GSPM Masters Programas and CAF-OAS Advanced Program 2012-2016. Special Adivisor for GSPM Center for Political Management’s Director. • Responsible to organize and lead GSPM-OAS-FGV technical field mission “The Political Management of Public-Private Partnerships for Urban Transformation and Development: the case of Bilbao”, engaging 15 high-level authorities from Brazilian Government (federal, regional and municipal level). • Responsible to lead the GSPM student group that established GW GSPM Alumni Association in Brazil.

  • March 2004 - March 2009 Development Economist, Brazilian Bank of Economic and Social Development - BNDES

    • As a senior economist at BNDES Research Department (today Economic Affairs Secretariat linked with the Office of the President) I was a full member of working team responsible for review and follow-up on Bank’s operational policies and program design. I’m also responsible to offer technical advisor on international and regional affairs to BNDES Executive Board. • At Public Management Department, I was responsible for monitoring and evaluation of BNDES funding for Brazilian Federal Government main social development projects and programs. Responsible for preparation of Request for Proposal (RoP) and Terms of Reference (ToR) as technical reference documents for external providers’ contracting (i.e. consulting firms, universities and think-thanks) covering sectorial studies and surveys. “Focal-point” for social issues on BNDES Strategic Planning Process 2009.

  • September 2003 - December 2005 Academic Coordinator of Interamerican Studies Program, Candido Mendes University - UCAM

    Responsible for design and implementation of research program and supervision of research teams. Supervision of international academic cooperation agreements between CEAs/UCAM and its international partners (universities, governamental agencies) mainly located at The Americas. Editor of CEAs/UCAM Working Papers Series. Responsible for general management of PIAM Program (program design: staff management; reports, book and working paper series publishing: fundraising and financial management) Coordinator of Political Management Analysis Group, a on-going cooperative initiative between The Gradute School of Political Management (GSP/GWU) and CEAs/UCAM on political strategy, legislative and governmental affairs.

  • May 1997 - August 2001 Executive Coordinator of CERES/FGV, Getulio Vargas Foundation - FGV

    • As an associate consultant at FGV Excellence Program’s State Reform and Modernization practice, I had been leading consulting projects for multilateral agencies and public sector institutions as Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), United Nations Program for Development (UNPD) and Petrobras. It was also responsible for FGV Excellence Program’s kick-off team coordination and case-assessment methodology. • As a CERES’s Executive Coordinator, I lead the executive team responsible for products-and-services development and inter-institutional partnerships with McKinsey and Co. and Booz-Allen&Hamilton. As a consultant, I participated in State Modernization and Reform practice team (FGV Promova). • At EPGE Research Department, I offered research assistance (mainly econometric modeling, statistical methods and primary data compilation) to Prof. Rubens Penha Cysne (nowadays serving as Dean of FGV Graduate School of Economics) on several theoretical and policy-oriented publications (books, manuals, journal articles and working papers) on Economics of Public Sector.

  • March 1995 - June 1997 Founder and President, Empresa Júnior PUC-Rio

  • March 1995 - December 1995 Trainee, Robert Fleming-Graphus Investment Bank S.A

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