Resident Advisor

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Apply by 12 December 2017
Senior-level , Full-time staff position
Posted on 22 November 2017

Job Description

The USAID PMI Resident Advisor (RA), in collaboration with the CDC PMI resident advisor (RA) and the other PMI team members, shall oversee the planning, implementation, management and monitoring of PMI activities in Ethiopia. S/he shall work as a member of a single interagency team, will provide technical and programmatic guidance and support to the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH)/National Malaria Control Program (NMCP), Regional Health Bureaus (RHBs) and other in-country stakeholders to strengthen the implementation of malaria prevention, control and elimination efforts. The incumbent will also collaborate closely with PMI staff located at USAID/Washington and CDC/Atlanta as well as with USAID health and mission personnel working within and overseeing the Mission’s health program activities. The USAID Health Office Director is responsible for day to day oversight of PMI’s malaria investments in Ethiopia.

*Please see section 11 for area of consideration.

In addition, the USAID PMI Resident Advisor shall represent USAID/Ethiopia and the USG on various national malaria related technical and policy forums. The incumbent will report directly to HAPN Office Director.

  1. Statement of Duties to be Performed
  2. Team Management

The incumbent will supervise four Foreign Service Nationals (FSNs) who work as part of the USAID-based interagency PMI team. These four FSNs include two Senior Malaria Technical Advisors, one Malaria Advisor, and one Program Manager. In collaboration with the CDC PMI RA the incumbent will be responsible for providing leadership and oversight of the work carried out by the USAID/Ethiopia PMI staff including management of malaria projects and program activities being implemented by PMI partners in Ethiopia.

  1. Technical Management, Activity Development and Design

The incumbent, working in collaboration with In collaboration with the CDC PMI RA and fellow PMI/Ethiopia Team members, PMI staff based in the U.S., FMOH/NMCP, RHBs and other in-country malaria stakeholders, will be responsible for overseeing the development of the annual PMI Malaria Operational Plan, implementing partner annual work plans, as well as design of any new procurement mechanisms to be developed under PMI in Ethiopia. The incumbent will ensure that these plans and procurement are in line with PMI objectives and policy guidance. Technical areas of intervention and focus include but are not limited to malaria prevention, control and elimination activities, including the procurement and distribution of life-saving malaria commodities, implementation of indoor residual insecticide spraying programs, technical assistance for strengthening malaria diagnosis and treatment, and implementation of social behavior change and communication activities. The incumbent, in collaboration with other members of the Ethiopia PMI Team, will also be responsible for monitoring and reporting the results of all PMI activities implemented by PMI implementing partners. The USAID PMI Resident Advisor shall also directly manage and oversee services and deliverables provided by contractors and grantees, in accordance with USG contractual and program management regulations, procedures, and practices.

  1. Partner Relationships and Coordination with Other PMI Personnel

Successful performance in this position depends upon establishing and maintaining healthy, productive and collaborative relationships with a wide range of partners and stakeholders, including FMOH, RHBs, regional governments, and a range of in-country malaria stakeholders (e.g., UNICEF, WHO, NGOs, FBOs, academia and universities). The USAID PMI Resident Advisor shall, therefore, develop and maintain strong relationships with these partners and stakeholders in order to effectively assure that all of PMI’s activities in Ethiopia are complementary and enhance all other malaria activities being implemented in Ethiopia. The incumbent is expected to participate in regular meetings hosted by FMOH, RHBs and other stakeholders and, as appropriate, spend time at the MOH/NMCP to provide direct technical assistance to the program. The incumbent will be required to communicate regularly and work jointly with PMI staff based in the supporting PMI/Ethiopia’s program, i.e., USAID/Washington and CDC/Atlanta PMI staff. Furthermore, to ensure that U.S. PMI activities in Ethiopia are being implemented in coordination with, and complementary to, other USG health supported activities, close interactions and coordination with other USAID/Ethiopia HAPN teams as well as other USG agencies (e.g. CDC/Ethiopia, Peace Corps, Department of Defense) is required.

  1. Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation are key components of the PMI program efforts globally including in Ethiopia. The USAID PMI Resident Advisor shall be responsible for providing oversight and leadership for the implementation of the PMI monitoring and evaluation plan in line with PMI targets, as well as to ensure that PMI implementing partners develop project monitoring plans; this will include providing timely reports back to PMI headquarters as needed. It is also expected that the USAID PMI Resident Advisor shall provide expert advice and practical experience in helping the FMOH, RHBs and other in-country malaria stakeholders to monitor the Ethiopia National Malaria Control Program inputs and outcomes and progress towards program goals, and overall malaria program impact.


The incumbent must possess technical expertise in the area of malaria epidemiology, prevention and control, case management, and monitoring and evaluation. The incumbent must possess an understanding of the social, economic and cultural determinants and implications of malaria epidemics in Ethiopia and neighboring countries. The incumbent must also have the experience and skills required to provide overall management and leadership for the PMI program in Ethiopia in collaboration with fellow PMI team members including the USAID Health Office Director.

Specifically, the USAID PMI Resident Advisor shall:

  • Ø In coordination with the CDC PMI RA and other PMI Ethiopia team members, serve as USG focal person for malaria and represent PMI in Ethiopia with host government and other in-country counterparts;
  • Provide leadership, management and oversight of activities carried out by USAID PMI staff to ensure that financial and technical reports on PMI activities and results in Ethiopia are prepared and submitted as required;
  • Supervise, mentor and support USAID PMI FSN team members;
  • Collaborate with senior staff of the FMOH, RHBs and other partners, such as Global Fund, World Health Organization, United Nations Children’s Fund, World Bank, and non-governmental organizations and faith-based organizations to design, plan and manage the implementation of malaria prevention, control and elimination activities consistent with the malaria control coverage needs identified by the strategy and plans of the FMOH and the PMI Ethiopia team;
  • Assist the FMOH and RHBs in ensuring effective communication and coordination between Roll Back Malaria and Global Fund partners, including donor agencies and other national and international stakeholders working on and/or supporting malaria prevention, control and elimination activities in Ethiopia;
  • Ensure that all PMI-supported activities are consistent with global malaria policy and technical guidance and internationally accepted best practices; relevant to the specific malaria epidemiology of Ethiopia; and in-line with overall FMOH strategic plans for malaria and the health sector development;
  • Coordinate with other partners and support efforts to address malaria prevention and control commodity delivery gaps and help build technical and managerial capacity within the FMOH at the national, regional, zonal, district and lower levels;
  • Provide technical support to all partners and managerial support as needed during the designing and implementation phases of the project to ensure the quality of interventions supported and that programmatic targets are met;
  • Work with relevant supply chain and logistics partners to ensure that quality assured programmatic commodities are purchased in a timely and cost effective manner. Also, ensure that the absorptive capacity exists in implementation sites to receive, manage and distribute these items effectively;
  • Work with FMOH, RHBs and other partners to develop and execute a monitoring and evaluation plan to be implemented through existing FMOH systems and existing USG supported mechanisms. Carry out monitoring and evaluation visits to implementation sites to ascertain all quantitative and qualitative data is collected properly and ensure programmatic quality and value for money are maintained;
  • Liaise with USAID/Washington and CDC/Atlanta PMI staff about the design, implementation and monitoring of the PMI program portfolio in Ethiopia;
  • Ensure that malaria prevention and control activities are integrated into overall USAID/Ethiopia-supported HAPN activities to maximize public health program results and leverage program synergies, and to coordinate these activities with the FMOH to avoid duplication of effort and minimize programming gaps; and
  • Assist USAID PMI FSN Advisors and Program Manager and other USAID/Ethiopia offices to ensure full accountability and value for money of funds provided by the PMI.

Supervisory Relationship
This position works in the capacity of a mentor to the cooperating country nationals (CCNs) in the Office of health. The individual will work under the supervision of the USAID/Ethiopia health office director. The incumbent should have strong knowledge transfer skills to develop a comprehensive capacity building plan for the CCNs, which includes formal trainings and on the job trainings.

Supervisory Controls
The incumbent will be expected to work under the supervision of USAID/Ethiopia health office director or his/her designee and is expected to work independently in carrying out responsibilities. The Advisor, having advanced expertise in the area of malaria, has continuing responsibility for independently planning and carrying out important programs/projects and activities; determining the approach to be taken and the methods to be used; resolving most of the conflicts that arise; coordinating the work with others as necessary; and, interpreting policy in terms of established objectives. The Advisor keeps the supervisors informed of progress, potentially controversial matters, and problems with far-reaching implications. Completed work is reviewed for soundness, completeness and conformity with policy and USAID procedures.

Completed work is considered technically sound and is normally accepted without significant change. Review is normally limited to fulfillment of program objectives, and the effect of work on the overall Strategic Information program. The Advisor will report to the Director of the HPN Office or

According to ADS 309.3.3, a “USAID policy is that the use of CCNPSCs is preferred over the use of TCNPSCs in order to integrate the foreign assistance effort into the community, enhance the skills of the cooperating country’s population, and contribute to the local economy. USPSCs are also preferred over TCNPSCs with equivalent qualifications.”


  • Be a U.S. citizen or U.S. Permanent Resident (“green card holder”);
  • Submit a complete application as outlined in the solicitation section titled APPLYING;
  • Be able to obtain facility access authorization;
  • Be able to obtain a Department of State medical clearance;
  • Be willing to travel to work sites and other offices as/when requested;
  • Employment is subject to funds availability and all the required approvals obtained.


  • Be a Third Country National. Third Country National means an individual: (1) Who is neither a citizen nor a permanent legal resident of the United States nor of the country to which assigned for duty (Ethiopian), and (2) Who is eligible for return to his/her home country or country of recruitment at U.S. Government expenses;
  • Submit a complete application as outlined in the section titled APPLYING;
  • Be able to obtain facility access authorization;
  • Be able to obtain a Department of State medical clearance;
  • Be willing to travel to work sites and other offices as/when requested.
  • Employment is subject to funds availability and all the required approvals obtained.

The primary location of work will be on the U.S. Embassy/USAID compound in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. No special demands are required to perform the work.

POINT OF CONTACT: Shelby Hunt, S/EXO, and/or Fekadu Tamirate, HR Specialist, email at

Note: No in-person appointments or telephone calls will be entertained, unless you are required to have more information about this solicitation.

To be considered for the position, applicants must meet the following minimum qualifications. For those who do, further consideration and selection will be based on panel assessment of the selection criteria, also listed below. Applicants are required to address each of the selection criteria describing specifically and accurately what experience, training, education, and/or awards or recognition they have received relevant to each criteria described below, and any related considerations. Be sure to include your name and the selection and the solicitation number at the top of each additional page.

EDUCATION: Master’s degree in public health or international health, or tropical medicine from a recognized institution is required and PhD in public health, epidemiology or entomology is preferred. Specialized experience in malaria is required in areas including but not limited to malaria program design, management, implementation and monitoring and evaluation; vector control; entomology; malaria case management; malaria elimination and epidemic surveillance.

WORK EXPERIENCE: The incumbent is required to have at least 10 years of work experience in designing, implementing, managing, monitoring and evaluating of malaria programs in developing countries. Candidates that will be able to demonstrate work experience with technical leadership, program management, strategic planning, policy development and problem solving skills on complex projects in a highly sensitive environment are needed. Preference will be given to those candidates with sub-Saharan African experience, proven knowledge and experience with USAID development assistance programs, procedures and systems for program design, procurement, implementation, management and monitoring.

The incumbent will also have the following:
(a) Analytical ability to interpret public policies and assist in the development of revised policies to improve the policy environment related to malaria in Ethiopia. (b)Management skills to develop and implement effective malaria prevention and case management program activities involving financial and human resources. Administrative skills to assist in the oversight of cooperating agency technical advisors and institutional contractors. Demonstrateble ability to be pro-active and to work independently with minimum supervision including ability to supervise and manage contractors, technical and support staff

(c) Skill in conceptualizing programs, policies, and plans and developing strategies for their management and implementation. The candidate must be able to integrate short- and long‑term objectives of the USAID HAPN Office and U.S. PMI with the cultural/organizational needs of the host country government.

(d) Knowledge and skills in quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods; experience in designing, implementation and evaluating malaria activities in Africa is needed. The incumbent must have proven skills in capacity building and mentoring local staff in a developing country.

(e) Demonstrable skills in working effectively with health personnel of diverse cultural backgrounds, negotiating agreements on matters of program strategy and performance, administration, and management. Ability to navigate and manage politically sensitive issues related to malaria control.

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