The recruiter dashboard of the new Devex jobs page.

In the end, international development is about the people. It’s about malaria eradication experts and governance consultants, relief logisticians and project managers. It’s about people working across cultures and time zones to improve lives.

Connecting the right people with each other is crucial to the success of development assistance. And the newly upgraded Devex jobs board makes it easier than ever for job seekers to find suitable opportunities and for recruiters to find the right talent and keep track of their work.

Recruiters often spend days, weeks – yes, months – searching for the right candidate to join a field mission or work at the home office. That’s a lot of networking and sifting through dozens, sometimes hundreds of resumes. The newly upgraded Devex jobs board makes that process more efficient and effective than ever.

Following feedback and consultations with members, Devex added web features that allow recruiters to easily filter out irrelevant applications, while job seekers will find more jobs suited to their preferences, among other benefits.

For recruiters, a personal dashboard

Recruiters often follow strict rules when choosing job candidates, whether they are imposed by the organization or an external donor. One job may require fluency in French, another EU citizenship, or a doctor who’s practiced for more than two decades and lives in New York City. Whatever the case, recruiters tend to get flooded with resumes, including many that don’t fit basic requirements.

Devex members with a recruitment account are now able to filter applicants based on whether or not they meet non-negotiable requirements spelled out in the job ad. Candidates can still apply even if they don’t meet those requirements, but they’ll be warned.

Devex members who access their recruitment account now find a personalized dashboard that features their most recent job postings and other content tailored to their needs, like Recruitment Insights, which explore ways to engage and retain high-quality staff members and consultants. Recruiters will easily be able to post, but also delete, close, extend, feature, update and re-post job announcements – and they’ll be alerted when a job ad is about to close. Extending an ad for 15 days is free; reposting an ad will make it reappear at the top of the Devex jobs board and in the Doing Good newsletter.

Recruiters can save their organization’s profile, edit and reuse it for other job ads – and in searches, only the job portion of an ad will be searchable. That way, if an organization looking for an education specialist also has worked in health before, a search for the latter won’t turn up this irrelevant ad.

For job seekers, an easier fit

With the new jobs board, Devex has made it easier for candidates to find positions suited to them. They can now search by position title. And Devex members with a career account can create a variety of email alerts based on job searches they conduct on, for instance, or when a job announcement is about to close.

What about those who based on their Devex profiles are deemed not qualified for a position? Right on the job application page itself, they can update their profiles, revising their years of experience or adding languages, for instance.

And just like recruiters, job seekers who are Devex members will have access to premium content through the jobs board. These include, but are not limited to, career news & analysis as well as advice on how to ace a job interview or succeed at your job, and our lists of the largest global development employers in Washington, London, Seoul and beyond.

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    Eliza Villarino currently manages one of today’s leading publications on humanitarian aid, global health and international development, the weekly GDB. At Devex, she has helped grow a global newsroom, with talented journalists from major development hubs such as Washington, D.C, London and Brussels. She regularly writes about innovations in global development.