A year in review: Global development in 2016

    A year in review: Global development in 2016. Photo by: Tim Mossholder

    In development policy circles 2016 was branded a “year of action.” With big global agreements in place, this was a year for implementation, for attention to the nuts and bolts of getting things done. There has been plenty of action — some of it the result of that deliberate effort to deliver development results, and some of it thrust upon the global development community by big, uncontrollable forces.

    In both cases, people and organizations committed to fighting poverty, improving health, and building opportunity found themselves on the front lines of the world’s most pressing challenges — and went to work.

    As we wind down 2016, we collected our top news stories, lifestyle coverage, career advice, Devex Impact stories, funding trends, and look back at Devex World. We also looked at the biggest winners and loser of 2016, the most memorable quotes, and the industry’s most confusing jargon.

    Global development in 2016

    Global development's winners and losers of 2016

    Man-made crises, natural disasters, rising temperatures, and political hostility tested the global development community’s commitment and creativity to forge new solutions for a world in transition. On social media, 2016 acquired a plethora of memes declaring it the worst year ever, and indeed, at times it has been trying. Here are some actors, ideas and priorities that had a particularly good — or bad — run of it the past 12 months. READ MORE

    Top news stories

    Top Devex news stories of 2016

    2016 was a tumultuous year for global development. The year has seen shocking election results, the rise and fall of a new pandemic, and a long, catastrophic refugee crisis. Here’s a look back at Devex’s coverage in 2016. READ MORE

    Devex World

    A look back at Devex World

    This year, we hosted our first Devex World, an event that explored the new era of global development with new stakeholders and actors joining our ecosystem.

    New tools such as exponential technologies and human centered design are already helping us scale solutions and solve increasingly complex, global issues. Here’s a look back at five of our speakers and their vision for this new era. READ MORE

    2016 lifestyle coverage

    Devex's top 2016 lifestyle coverage

    The everyday life of an aid worker is equal parts frustrating and fascinating, enigmatic and entertaining. In 2016, Devex sought to bring you a mix of content that would capture your unique lifestyles and suit the many varieties of moods and career stages you find yourselves in. READ MORE

    Top DevExplains

    The best jargon-busting DevExplains of 2016

    Global development speak, with its buzzwords and jargon-filled phrases, can alienate newcomers and even seasoned development professionals. But keeping things simple and digestible is what DevExplains is all about. We're highlighting six pieces from 2016. READ MORE

    2016’s most memorable quotes

    12 memorable global development quotes of 2016

    The year 2016 was one of unprecedented events and discussions on how to do development differently, from how the United Nations chose its next secretary-general to how humanitarian actors can respond better and faster to emergencies.

    We look back at some of the year’s biggest events through the words global development leaders have spoken that inspired, provoked or helped us think differently about development work. READ MORE

    Devex Career Forum

    Ask Devex: Our top career advice from 2016

    Global development is a competitive job market for both recent graduates and experienced professionals. It is important to know what skills are required, what college degrees will be most useful and what hands-on experience can help you get the role you want. Here is some of our top career advice from 2016. READ MORE

    2016 Devex Impact coverage

    Top Devex Impact stories of 2016

    It has been a year marked by the formal launch of the Sustainable Development Goals, humanitarian crises, and political change. But, in all of that, the role of business in addressing development challenges, from agriculture to humanitarian aid, and from health to climate, has continued to grow and gain recognition. Here’s a look at some of the top Devex Impact articles from the past year. READ MORE

    2016 funding trends

    Top funding stories from 2016

    Devex funding coverage has focused on a range of important issues, including procurement trends of the world’s major bilateral donors, analysis of the most high-profile development challenges, and new and promising sources of development finance. Here are a few of our most widely read and shared development funding stories from 2016. READ MORE

    After a long year, we're taking a short holiday break. Devex Newswire will be back next year, bringing you global development news, analysis and insight. On behalf of our global team of Devexers, we wish you a happy holiday season.

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