ADB Promises Improved Transparency, to Update Public Communications Policy

The Asian Development Bank has pledged to increase access and the pace of disclosure of information to the public as part of its updated public communications policy.

The new policy changes will be implemented beginning April 2, 2012. They take into account feedback from more than 500 stakeholders in ADB member countries such as governments, the private sector, development partners, civil society, academia, the media and those affected by ADB projects.

“While the feedback we received indicated that ADB’s standards of transparency remain good, we recognize that times have changed, and this revised policy is our response to those changes,” ADB President Haruhiko Kuroda said in an Oct. 25 news release.

The updated policy includes:

  • An earlier release of information on final proposals for country partnership strategies and sovereign project loans, to coincide with proposals circulated to ADB’s board of directors for a decision, subject to the country’s consent.

  • Disclosure of policies and strategies that have been drafted following public consultation when they reach the board for consideration.

  • Translation of project summaries for loans, grants and project preparatory technical assistance into the national language of the country concerned.

  • Release of audited project accounts of borrowers involved in ADB-financed sovereign projects.

  • Creation of an independent appeals panel with three international experts as mechanism for redress for parties whose requests for information have been denied.

  • Expansion of in-country communication work, to allow the public more information about projects and other ADB activities that may affect them.

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