Asif Kabani

    Mr. Kabani is a renowned international Speaker and Technical Expert in Asia and Middle East, leading professional and prominent contributor on subject of public Administration, Business, Banking and Finance, Civil Service Reforms, Decentralization, E-Government, E-Procurement E-governance, Financial Risk Management, Gender Mainstreaming and Gender Empowerment,  Governance, General Management, Human Capital Development, Information Communication Technology (ICT), Small Medium Enterprise (SME) &, Micro credit and Socio Economic Development  Management.

    Strategic Technical Public-Private and Civil Society Sector (CSO) expert and former Director and Project Manager for strategic donors agencies and project's worldwide i.e. Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), Asian Development Bank (ADB), United Nations (UN) agencies, UNHCR, World Bank IDA/IBRD and several Governments i.e. Government of Pakistan (Ministry of Finance) Government. of Sindh (Finance, Education, Health, Home Department and Local Government Rural Development and Katchi Abadies), with vast international experience in Managing funds, programs,  projects and TA Loan's for ADB, AKDN, World Bank and UN for various world wide donors to support policy reforms for communities, CSOs and Government's.


    November 2006, Dubai, UAE

    Islamic Countries E-Government Summit

    Key note Speaker on Success Stories of Pakistan

    Economic Growth, Decentralization and Planning for E-government

    Burj, Al Arab, Dubai, UAE, November 2006

    Banking and Finance Conference Leading CEOs of Asia and Middle East

    Participant on Policy Dialogues round table as leading expert - Asia and Middle East

    Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE, November 2006

    GITEX Conference 2006,

    Key Note Speaker of the Event address to CEO, CIOs and GCC officials

    Customizing IT Product and Solution for GCC Government's

    Organized by Datamatix Group, Dubai, UAE

    October 2006 - Raffle City, Singapore

    Government Technology Forum 2006

    Speaker on Decentralizing Government in Pakistan

    Organized by Public Sector Technology and Management (PSTM),

    at Raffle City s Centre, Singapore

    October 2006 - Singapore

    Government Technology Forum 2006 - VIP Panel Speaker on Topics

    A.       Streaming Government Purchasing

    B.       News Models for Government Service Delivery

    C.       Bridging the Digital Divide

    Organized by Public Sector Technology and Management (PSTM), Singapore

    Speaker on Topic Micro Investment in Promoting Income Generation

    Activities in Poor Communities using Electronic Commerce for Poverty Reduction 

    International Conference on E-commerce and Development

    UNIDO, UN Geneva UNDP, and Government of Pakistan

    September 2002, Islamabad, Pakistan

    Recent Notable Achievements

    2008    Fellow United Nations (UN) Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) Posted at United Nations Office Geneva (UNOG) on Internet Governance and Sustainable Development

    2008    Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist (M&E) Asian Development Bank (ADB) - One Village One Product (OVOP)-AHAN developed Result Based Monitoring System (RBMS) and Project Performance Management System (PPMS)

    2005-8 Speakers at Various International Forums in Dubai, Singapore and Switzerland

    Educational and Professional Qualifications

    2007    Certification - Diploma in Internet and Governance for Diplomats

    DiploFoundation, Switzerland

    2003    Advance course on Contract Administration, Procurement and Technical Assistance and Loan Disbursement

    Asian Development Bank

    2003    MSc (Rural Development)

    SDSC, Wye College - University of London

    2002    Certification Mapping and Advance GIS with Spatial Analysis

    NED University, Pakistan

    2001    Master of Business Administration (MBA) Specialization: Marketing and IT

    Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Pakistan

    2000    Business English, Communication and Report Writing

    Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi, Pakistan

    2000    Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Specialization: NGO Management

    College of Social Science, Hamdard University, Pakistan


    Current employment 

    Time unaccounted for:

    June 2006 - June 2007 - Career Update Break

    Since June 2006 to June 2007 Three of my paper have been published International. Then also, I had the opportunity to present my work on Decentralization and e-governance in Singapore at Government Technology Forum, 2006 also that I was invited in Dubai to speak in several event including Business and Finance Asia and Middle East Policy Dialogue, GITEX and Islamic Summit on E-Government.

    Skills Acquired                                         Level                    Last Used

    Technical/Professional                             Excellent              Currently Working


    Strong Communication,

    Report writing and computing skills,

    Organizational, managerial skills and

    Project Management

    Computers/Databases/Internet                Excellent              Currently Working

    Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, 2007

    Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Outlook,

    Microsoft Front page, Microsoft Access,

    HTML, Micro Media, Flash, XML, ASP, PHPOracle, SAP/R3, SQL, Visual FoxPro Project Management


    Analytical/Analysis (MIS/GIS)                 Excellent              Currently Working

    MapInfo and Arc ViewEpiInfo and SPSSMicrosoft Pivot

    Languages                                                 Read                     Write                           Speak

    English (M/T)                                             Excellent               Excellent                      Excellent

    French                                                        Good                    Good                           Good

    Urdu                                                           Excellent               Excellent                      Excellent


    Book/Toolkit:             Asian Development Bank (ADB) - Result Based Management System (RBMS)

    For One Village One Product - SMEDA, Ministry of Industries and Production

    Designed for Activity Based Costing, Monitoring & Evaluation, Systems Development, Technical Evaluations, Planning and Project Management, Result Based Monitoring of Projects (Published Feb 2008)

    Book:              E-Governance Planning and Implementation Asia-Pacific Perspective

    Special Focus of Decentralization and Success Stories of Mega Cities and Local Government (Work in progress)

    Book:              SME Management and Micro Credit  

    "Success Cases of Asia and Middle East Economies through SME and Micro credit"

    (Work in progress)

    Paper              Planning For E-Government in Pakistan

    "Offers a progress report on Pakistan's e-governance journey"

    Public Sector Technology and Management (PSTM) Asia's government IT magazine

    Published, Singapore 2005

    Paper              Managing E-Governance in Pakistan

               Experience and Recommendations for 3rd International Conference on E-Governance

    Published December 9-11, 2005, Lahore University of Management Science, LUMS Lahore Pakistan

    Paper              Micro Investment in Promoting Income Generation Activities in Poor Communities Electronic Commerce for Poverty Reduction 

    International Conference on E-commerce and Development, UNIDO, UNDP, Government of Pakistan Published, September 2002, Islamabad, Pakistan

    Work Experience in World Regions: Middle East (GCC Countries), Singapore, the European Countries (Switzerland - France) and Pakistan

    Professional Affiliations

    • 1. Fellow, United Nations (UN) Internet Governance Forum, Geneva, Switzerland

    • 2. Fellow, Diplomacy Foundation- Switzerland

    • 3. Member, The Development Executive Group, Washington D.C, USA

    Additional Information:

    My education, Master of Business Administration (MBA) and MSc with direct working experience in Europe and Asia Pacific and knowledge with hand on with Governments and Donor especially United Nations Systems (UN), Asian Development Bank (ADB), Aga Khan Development (AKDN), World Bank and other donor agencies work. The governance systems of Governments, the ability to work with philanthropists, leaders, private sector, CSO & NGO, Donors agencies and international communities and develop strategies to fulfill targets within multi-cultural environment.


    Date of Birth                           April 06, 1975

    Marital Status:                                   Married

    Mailing Address:

    Asif Kabani

    House # A-57/C, Sector Z-II

    Gulshan-e-Maymar, Karachi - PAKISTAN

    Phone and Email Address

    Office: (+92-21) 683-2802 or 602-2085

    Mobile: (+92) 0333 556-2751