Carolyn Miles


Carolyn Miles is president and CEO of Save the Children and co-chair of the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network. After starting out as an entrepreneur and working in Hong Kong for American Express, Miles joined Save the Children in 1998 and was also COO from 2004-2011.

Latest Articles

Opinion: Foreign aid works for us all
27 Apr 2017

Save the Children CEO Carolyn Miles explores how promoting health, education, gender equality and economic opportunities for communities around the world leads to more stable societies in the U.S.

Opinion: The day the Syrian war becomes longer than World War II
15 Mar 2017

The war in Syria has now surpassed the length of World War II, and the crushing psychological toll of violence is manifesting in the country's children. Save the Children CEO Carolyn Miles explains the pervasiveness of toxic stress — and what the world can do to stop it.

The world's fastest-growing population needs our help
22 Sep 2016

One year ago, leaders committed to making the Sustainable Development Goals a reality by 2030. Now, those same leaders need to make greater commitments to help refugees and forcibly displaced people. Carolyn Miles, president and CEO of Save the Children, outlines three actions for leaders at UNGA that would support refugees and the countries that host them.

Protecting women and children in Zika-affected countries
16 Feb 2016

What urgent actions are critical for the well-being of women and children in Zika-affected countries? In this guest column Devex gets the inside track from three experts — Nancy Aossey, president and CEO of International Medical Corps; Save the Children USA's President and CEO Carolyn Miles; and Jonathan D. Quick of Management Sciences for Health.

The impact of Ethiopia's 'Code Red' food crisis
18 Jan 2016

As the drought in Ethiopia takes its toll, the country still depends on foreign assistance to help reduce poverty, write Save the Children's Carolyn Miles and health advocate Liya Kebede in this exclusive guest column.

For better aid results, we need better aid data
5 Nov 2015

The U.S. Congress will consider a bipartisan, bicameral Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability Act Thursday. Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network co-chairs George Ingram, Carolyn Miles and Connie Veillette weigh in on why this legislation matters.

Carolyn Miles: New consensus challenging us to 'embrace previously unimaginable possibilities'
8 Apr 2015

Poverty, illiteracy and hunger are seen as some of the great economic and business challenges of our time, worthy of the best minds and plans from both the business and philanthropy sectors. Save the Children's CEO Carolyn Miles shares how her organization approaches partnership and how they are engaging in new ways.

Advancing US foreign aid reform for better development results
18 Mar 2015

U.S. aid reform should focus on two powerful and mutually reinforcing pillars, write George Ingram, Carolyn Miles and Connie Veillette in a new campaign led by the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network.

Root, root, root — for transparency
8 Oct 2014

When the 2014 Aid Transparency Index is published Wednesday, die-hard transparency fans will be checking to see if U.S. agencies delivered on their IATI commitments. A joint opinion by the three co-chairs of the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network.

Charting a way forward on US development policy
16 Apr 2014

The next two years are a crucial window of opportunity for U.S. aid reform. In an exclusive opinion, the co-chairs of the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network share their vision for a reform agenda to improve development policy and practice, and make U.S. assistance dollars work smarter beyond 2014.