Christin Roby


Christin Roby is a West Africa correspondent for Devex based in Abidjan, Ivory Coast where she covers global development trends, health, technology and policy-related topics. Before relocating to West Africa, Christin spent several years working in local newsrooms, and earned an MSJ in videography and global affairs reporting from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. Her informed insight into the region stems from her diverse coverage of more than a dozen African nations.

Latest Articles

Q&A: UNFPA West Africa director on the security benefits of family planning
27 Mar 2017

UNFPA West Africa Director Mabingue Ngom spoke with Devex about how involving local leaders is key to increasing contraceptive use. Ngom warned that the stakes extend from health to economic growth and security: high population growth can exacerbate migration, extremism and violent terrorism, he told Devex.

Lessons for building an eco-city from scratch
22 Mar 2017

The experts behind Africa's first eco-city in Zenata, Morocco, share their advice on what to consider when building a sustainable urban development project. Job creation, environmental impact and design should guide the project from the beginning.

Q&A: AfDB offers boost to Africa's fashion industry
21 Mar 2017

Job creation is a key priority for governments and populations — particularly youth — across Africa. Devex spoke with African Development Bank gender specialist Emanuela Gregorio about the bank's nontraditional investment to increase employment in the underdeveloped African textile and fashion industry.

4 insights for better youth training in rural sub-Saharan Africa
21 Mar 2017

A recent report by the Mastercard Foundation exposes gaps in African capacity-building strategies and offers suggestions on how to better approach employment trainings to reach more youth in Africa, specifically in rural populations.

Aid workers push for fast funds, local government action in Somalia drought
14 Mar 2017

To prevent Somalia's drought from becoming a famine, relief efforts must mobilize funds quickly and decentralize coordination, humanitarians tell Devex.

An inside look into Africa's first eco-city: Zenata, Morocco
13 Mar 2017

Zenata Eco-City is a sustainable urban development project that plans to curb the impact of population growth through social inclusion and job creation. Leaders at Zenata talked to Devex about how emerging countries can follow their award-winning model to build new cities for overflowing populations.

What Ghanaian cocoa farmers want aid groups to do better
1 Mar 2017

Development projects often follow strict timelines to achieve fixed goals. Ghanaian cocoa farmers who received support from the Mondelez-funded Cocoa Life project talked to Devex about what they wish aid groups would do differently now that the project has ended.

A CARE Germany executive takes new perspective from visit to the field
1 Mar 2017

Devex joined CARE Germany's Deputy Director Stefan Ewers in a 72-hour visit to rural Ghana, as part of a weeklong Exposure and Dialogue Programme meant to introduce senior-level aid workers, government officials and private sector representatives to aid projects on the ground. The experience has brought new perspective to his work.

Cross-sectoral lessons on sustainability from Ghana's cocoa farms
1 Mar 2017

Officials from the government, private sector and aid community visited the cocoa fields of central Ghana through the Germany-based Exposure and Dialogue Programme and CARE International Ghana. Devex tracks down the lessons learned from all parties who saw the project in the field.

Persistent digital divide hampers cocoa sector
21 Feb 2017

Mobile connectivity in Africa has widely expanded with the introduction of 4G networks and wireless internet in many major cities. But many rural areas still lack access, and there is no sign of the private sector deploying soon. Cocoa farmers and their crops are among those deeply affected in Ghana.