Elizabeth Dickinson


Elizabeth Dickinson is associate editor at Devex. Based in the Middle East, she has previously served as Gulf correspondent for The National, assistant managing editor at Foreign Policy, and Nigeria correspondent at The Economist. Her writing also appeared in The New Yorker, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Politico Magazine, and Newsweek, among others.

Latest Articles

How Iraq and Syria put psychosocial care into emergency education
22 Mar 2017

The magnitude of crises in the Middle East have pushed programmers to consider how they deal with education in emergencies. Their key takeaway is to put psychosocial support front and center. But that raises a new set of challenges in making sure children don't fall behind.

Inside the mounting preparations for chemical attacks in Iraq
20 Mar 2017

Iraqi politicians say no chemical weapons have been used in Northern Iraq, but health authorities and international partners say the risk is significant enough to warrant preparing now for any future cases. Devex speaks with the World Health Organization about the work underway and how recent incidents have shaped their thinking.

As resettlement stalls, hopes run dry in Iraqi camp
17 Mar 2017

Tough immigration rules were ostensibly meant to safeguard victims of extremist violence and protect religious minorities. In a Christian internally displaced camp in Iraq, the effect has been the opposite.

Q&A: EU aid commissioner Christos Stylianides
10 Mar 2017

The ongoing humanitarian crisis in Iraq comes at a pivotal moment for the humanitarian system. EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Christos Stylianides tells Devex how the big debates facing the sector — about reform, cash assistance, and limited funds — are transforming operations and the EU's way of thinking about the future of aid.

Q&A: Brad Perkins on leapfrogging to personalized medicine
9 Mar 2017

Genomics sounds out of reach for even the richest of the rich. But one pioneering scientist thinks developing countries could be among the best placed to take advantage of the coming revolution in personalized medicine. He spoke to Devex about what public health actors, including NGOs, international organizations and governments, need to know.

Mosul chemical attack exposes an ill-prepared health system
7 Mar 2017

The first victims of an apparent chemical attack in the campaign to liberate Mosul from the Islamic State recount their story to Devex, revealing a public health system ill-prepared to receive and treat future cases. Government officials, NGOs and agencies are now urgently pivoting to reorganize protocol.

Children face 'immediate risk of death' as famine looms in Yemen
21 Feb 2017

Yemen's population is on the brink of an all-out food crisis as funding shortages, insecurity and overall logistics challenges make aid delivery a gargantuan task. The collapse of the country's economy and ongoing fighting portend for no relief in sight.

Last hours of Aleppo battle turn city into humanitarian catastrophe, aid groups say
15 Dec 2016

Tens of thousands of civilians are caught in the crossfire of a final effort by the Syrian government and its allies to push rebels out of east Aleppo. Humanitarian groups are raising profound concerns about humanitarian access and human rights violations.

4 things to know as Mosul relief unfolds
29 Nov 2016

Aid groups are facing a unique set of technical and logistical challenges as they work to assist the nearly 60,000 who have so far been displaced from a military campaign to retake Mosul from the Islamic State group.

What went wrong with refugee advocacy?
28 Nov 2016

In a year that saw Brexit, Donald Trump's presidential election victory, and rising border controls across Europe, advocates for migration are asking themselves why their arguments haven't changed public opinion.