Emma Smith


Emma Smith is a reporting and communications associate at Devex, based in Barcelona. She focuses on bringing the latest career and hiring trends, tips, and insights to our global development community. Emma has a background in journalism and, in addition to writing for news publications, has worked with organizations focusing on child rights and women’s rights in sustainable development.

Latest Articles

Webinar: A guide to consulting with USAID
20 Jul 2018

Senior international development leader Yvette Gonzalez joins Devex to share her experience working as an independent consultant with clients such as USAID. Gonzalez, who has her own consulting business and has worked on several USAID-funded projects, shares her tips for building a personal brand, calculating your worth, and connecting with in-country implementing partners.

How UN Globe is changing attitudes and policies toward LGBTQ employees
17 Jul 2018

Hyung Hak “Alfonso” Nam, president of UN Globe, spoke to Devex about the process of changing attitudes to make the U.N. system more inclusive for LGBTQ employees.

Opportunity driving change in global development sectors
17 Jul 2018

Health, energy, and climate change are among the sectors expected to see the biggest change in skills required from global development professionals. Devex spoke to experts from USAID and MSl to find out what is driving this change and what it means for the future of the global development workforce.

How salaries compare at the big multilateral development banks
13 Jul 2018

Devex takes a look at the salaries across the largest multilateral development banks and the different career paths and benefits each provides. Find out how the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, New Development Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank compare.

Ask Devex: How to succeed with your online application
6 Jul 2018

Devex’s Hannah Chappelow and Krystle Sevilla — who work on Devex's Talent Solutions team, vetting thousands of global development CVs to help organizations hire for specific and hard-to-fill roles — host this month’s webinar to share tips for completing online applications. They discuss how best to highlight your transferable skills and succeed with online applications.

Webinar: A guide to consulting with the World Bank
29 Jun 2018

Roberto Amorosino, senior HR specialist with the World Bank Group, joins Devex for the second installment of consulting with development organizations. Amorosino breaks down various ways to work with the bank and offers advice on CV templates, how to gain visibility for unadvertised opportunities, and what skills and experiences are in demand.

Webinar: A guide to consulting with EuropeAid
20 Jun 2018

In the first of three webinars aimed at helping independent consultants work with specific development organizations, senior development expert Sibylle Koenig shares her tips for landing a gig with EuropeAid.

How one program is engaging professionals with disabilities
19 Jun 2018

The U.N. Development Programme and U.N. Volunteers are launching a talent program to increase the number of professionals with disabilities working in global development. The initiative will enable young professionals with disabilities to complete national or international volunteering assignments and gain all-important work experience.

Ask Devex: Landing a job with the UN
12 Jun 2018

Devex executive vice president, Kate Warren, returns to answer your career questions and help you land a job in the global development sector. This month Warren talks, among other common career challenges, about landing a first job with the U.N.

Webinar: Your guide to becoming a global development consultant
24 May 2018

The global development sector provides many opportunities for those looking to branch out independently. Daniel Head and Susanne Barsoum, co-founders of KeyLime International, join Devex for the first in a series of webinars on becoming an independent consultant. The pair — with experience both working as and hiring consultants — tackle finding clients, setting rates, and how to set yourself up for success.