Emma Smith


Emma Smith is a reporting and communications associate at Devex, based in Barcelona. She focuses on bringing the latest career and hiring trends, tips, and insights to our global development community. Emma has a background in journalism and, in addition to writing for news publications, has worked with organizations focusing on child rights and women’s rights in sustainable development.

Latest Articles

Advice for career transitioners: How to translate your experience
14 Jan 2019

Georgetown University's Anne Steen discusses the importance of transferable skills in a career transition and shares tips for translating your experience for global development organizations.

Advice for career transitioners: How to network effectively
11 Jan 2019

Many jobs are not posted online or posted only briefly, so a lot of hiring is based on existing relationships. Networking is therefore critical to succeeding in your career transition.

Devex's top stories on innovation and recruitment trends in 2018
8 Jan 2019

A roundup of our top stories from 2018 on innovation and talent trends in global development, including the changing role of HR, the potential benefits of AI in recruitment, and the rise of the integrator.

Devex's top advice from 2018 for development consultants
3 Jan 2019

From tips on setting your rate and negotiating contract terms to insights on working with specific institutions, Devex takes a look back at the top advice from 2018 to help you succeed as an independent consultant.

How AI is changing the landscape of human resources
21 Dec 2018

Digitization and AI were the big buzzwords at this years Career Development Roundtable where human resource leaders discussed the changing landscape and challenges facing the HR profession in international organizations. Here are three takeaways for anyone working in talent.

Webinar: Advice for career transitioners
17 Dec 2018

Craig Zelizer, founder and CEO of PCDN, and Anne Steen, executive director at Georgetown University's Graduate Career Center of the Walsh School of Foreign Service, joined Devex for this webinar on how to successfully transition in your career.

Ask Devex: How valuable are project management certifications?
11 Dec 2018

During this month’s event, Kate Warren, Devex executive vice president, discussed the value of project management certifications, career paths for farmers and journalists, and the latest buzzwords to add to your vocabulary.

Q&A: IOM head of HR on the possibilities of digitalization in the sector
30 Nov 2018

Micheal Emery, director of the human resource management division at IOM, discusses the evolution of HR and the importance of embracing digitalization ahead of the 15th annual Career Development Roundtable.

Ask Devex: Skills for Tomorrow
15 Nov 2018

This month’s event, part of our Skills for Tomorrow initiative, focuses on careers in global health and M&E. In partnership with Harvard Kennedy School and the University of Southern California, Shubha Kumar and Ben Brockman share their professional insights.

Keeping up with global development: Skills in demand
2 Nov 2018

Talent demands in the sector continue to evolve with technological advances and new players' engagement. Devex details some of the top skills in demand in global development right now.