Emma Smith


Emma Smith is a reporting and communications associate at Devex, based in Barcelona. She focuses on bringing the latest career and hiring trends, tips, and insights to our global development community. Emma has a background in journalism and, in addition to writing for news publications, has worked with organizations focusing on child rights and women’s rights in sustainable development.

Latest Articles

Webinar: Quieting your inner critic
13 Apr 2018

Executive career coach Shana Montesol Johnson joins Devex for an exclusive webinar on quieting your inner critic. Johnson shares techniques to help you recognize that voice of self-doubt and change the way you respond to these negative thoughts.

How to talk about your soft skills
10 Apr 2018

The ability to talk about your soft skills and demonstrate how they can help you succeed in a new role could be critical in landing your dream job. Devex spoke to recruiters from Tetra Tech to find out the do's and dont's of demonstrating your soft skills throughout the hiring process.

How self-doubt manifests in men versus women
10 Apr 2018

Executive career coach Shana Montesol Johnson talks to Devex about how self-doubt manifests differently in men and women, and the impact this can have on women in their careers.

Ask Devex: How can a diversified professional 'hack' a recruiting process focused on specific skills?
6 Apr 2018

Kate Warren, executive vice president at Devex, returns to answer all your career questions in this month's online event. Warren shares highlights from our 2018 Hiring Trends report, which could help shape your job search strategy, and tackles common job seeker challenges.

Online event: How to hire more diverse teams
21 Mar 2018

As part of our series on #GlobalDevWomen, Sarah Grausz and Farah Mahesri, co-founders of Quantum Impact, join Devex to talk about diversity in hiring and to share strategies for building your organization's diversity and inclusion brand.

Ask Devex: Career transitions
16 Mar 2018

Guest speaker Tunde Hegedus, business development specialist at Tetra Tech, joins career guru Kate Warren for this month’s Ask Devex online event. They tackle tough career questions such as how to handle transitions in global development, what recruiters look for in online profiles, and whether volunteer experience is the key to breaking into this sector.

Digital event: Networking 101
13 Mar 2018

Whether you are job hunting or looking to be more impactful in your current role, networking is critical to advancing your career. Yet, for many, networking is an anxiety-inducing word. Executive career coach Shana Montesol Johnson joins Devex to shares tips for finding ways to network across cultures and geographies while playing to your natural strengths.

How to avoid gender bias in your job descriptions
8 Mar 2018

Gender disparity in the workplace can start with gender bias in job ads. The language you use and the criteria you include could be discouraging women from applying and tipping the scale in the favor of men. Before you write another job ad, read these tips for avoiding gender bias.

British Council on the lookout for future leaders
6 Mar 2018

The British Council is now accepting applications for the 2018 Future Leaders Connect program, which looks to create a global network of aspiring policy leaders. Participants from last year's program share their tips for applying.

The do's and dont's of salary negotiations
23 Feb 2018

Whether you are reaching the offer stage of a job application or are asking for a raise with your current employer, salary negotiations can be tricky. Alamelu Deivanaya, an international human resource and organizational development consultant and certified negotiation facilitator, shares the do's and dont's of salary negotiations.