Emma Smith


Emma Smith is a reporting and communications associate at Devex, based in Barcelona. She focuses on bringing the latest career and hiring trends, tips, and insights to our global development community. Emma has a background in journalism and, in addition to writing for news publications, has worked with organizations focusing on child rights and women’s rights in sustainable development.

Latest Articles

Talent pools: How HR leaders are streamlining recruitment and building diversity
23 May 2017

Many organizations, particularly United Nations agencies, are taking an innovative approach to streamlining their often infamously long hiring process while building pipelines of underrepresented groups at the same time. Their solution: talent pools. Here is how your organization can employ best practices to create talent pools of your own.

Top skills to succeed in global development advocacy
12 May 2017

Advocacy is critical to organizations in securing funding, shaping programs and creating sustainable change. Whether you work in a dedicated advocacy role or wear an advocacy hat from time to time, here are the tops skills you should hone according to experts.

How to succeed as an independent consultant in global development
4 May 2017

For many global development professionals, the flexibility and diversity of a consulting career is very appealing. However, establishing yourself as an independent consultant is not without its challenges. In this exclusive Devex webinar, we hear from four seasoned consultants who share their advice for setting up and succeeding as an independent consultant.

Urban planning jobs: What you need to know
18 Apr 2017

Urban planners are in demand in the global development sector and with the growing emphasis on smart city building, they will likely find their expertise increasingly sought after. If you are considering a job as an urban planner in global development, here are some of the skills you should develop and opportunities you can expect.

Global development employers in Johannesburg
7 Apr 2017

Many organizations are looking for ways to decentralize their decision-making process and increase their presence in the Global South. Johannesburg, South Africa, has become a hub for global development organizations and their operations. Here are some of the employers you can find in this city.

How one organization is building their own talent pipeline
4 Apr 2017

Global development is constantly demanding highly skilled and experienced professionals, yet they aren't always easy to find. One organization has a new approach to building a pipeline of skilled talent while offering new career opportunities for professionals seeking a humanitarian career.

Hiring trends in 2017: A Devex analysis
23 Mar 2017

Devex surveyed global development recruiters to find out their hiring predictions in 2017. In this Devex webinar, Kate Warren, our in-house expert on careers and recruiting, discusses what they had to say and what these hiring trends could mean for global development professionals and their careers in the year ahead.

The truth about cover letters: What do recruiters really think?
21 Mar 2017

Cover letters often raise a lot of questions for job seekers. Kate Warren, Devex senior director and editor, weighs in on the importance of cover letters and what recruiters are really looking for. Watch the webinar for insider tips on acing yours.

Transitioning from the field to HQ
20 Mar 2017

After spending years living overseas, many professionals may at some point want to make a move to a job in headquarters. Here are tips on what to prepare for and how to position your field experience for HQ roles.

Transitioning to a global development job? Here's how to write your CV
20 Mar 2017

A growing demand for specific skills and expertise in development is creating job opportunities for transitioning professionals from a range of backgrounds. CV expectations, however, differ from other sectors. If you are trying to make a move, here are some tips for translating your experience in your CV.