Jacques Jimeno


Jacques is a copy editor at Devex’s news production team. Previously, he worked with the Philippine Department of Tourism and the World Wide Fund for Nature. He is currently taking his master’s degree in communication from the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Latest Articles

Top Devex stories of 2016
22 Dec 2016

In a year that has seen shocking elections and popular votes, a new pandemic, and a long, drawn-out refugee response, Devex gives the rundown of our best stories in 2016.

The evolution of health systems: Service providers as social enterprise
7 Nov 2016

To reach those who are in most need, health systems need to extend reach and also be sustainable. One way to do this is to adapt practices of a social enterprise. Devex speaks with Yasmin Madan, global marketing director at Population Services International, to find out more.

Fighting malnutrition is central to empowering women
26 Oct 2016

One billion women and girls around the world are malnourished, and that is a central issue for empowerment. In this video interview, Joel Spicer, president and CEO of Micronutrient Initiative, tells Devex that good nutrition will drive progress on women's education and health.

How would the humanitarian system work at its full potential?
30 Sep 2016

The global refugee crisis is a daunting reality for those leading the charge for humanitarian response. Conrad N. Hilton Foundation President and CEO Peter Laugharn tells Devex that the humanitarian system needs to perform better and collaborate more.

The buzz from New York #GlobalDev Week 2016
26 Sep 2016

The refugee summits, antimicrobial resistance as a global health risk, CGI's final annual meeting, the fate of the Paris climate deal and more set the world abuzz this week. Devex was on the ground in New York for the most eventful week in #globaldev. Here are the highlights.

Ending polio one community at a time
12 Nov 2015

Community health workers have made a series of crucial contributions in ending polio, UNICEF Executive Director Tony Lake tells Devex Impact associate editor Adva Saldinger in this video interview.

Equity, cost and a comprehensive approach to nutrition and fortification
9 Nov 2015

Food fortification has gathered steam in recent years, but gaps remain in the effort to combat malnutrition. Meanwhile a number of new challenges are emerging, Francesco Branca, director for health and development at the World Health Organization, tells Devex in this video interview.

Big lesson from polio eradication: Partnerships work
4 Nov 2015

With an end to polio on the horizon, discussions now center on lessons learned from efforts to contain and eliminate the disease. How can these be leveraged for other health challenges? Devex Impact associate editor Adva Saldinger talks to prominent #EndPolio advocates in this clip.

Polio eradication legacy: Strong health systems
3 Nov 2015

The eradication of polio has served as a model for many efforts to contain and eliminate other diseases, Mike McGovern, chair of Rotary International’s PolioPlus Committee, tells Devex Impact associate editor Adva Saldinger in this video interview.

Is the momentum right for universal health coverage?
28 Oct 2015

Universal health coverage has garnered increased attention since Ebola ravaged West Africa in 2014, but has it been enough to create real momentum? An exclusive interview with Last Mile Health CEO Raj Panjabi.