Jenny Lei Ravelo


Jenny Lei Ravelo is a Devex Senior Reporter based in Manila. She covers global health, with a particular focus on the World Health Organization, and other development and humanitarian aid trends in Asia Pacific. Prior to Devex, she wrote for ABS-CBN, one of the largest broadcasting networks in the Philippines, and was a copy editor for various international scientific journals. She received her journalism degree from the University of Santo Tomas.

Latest Articles

5 questions on China's planned foreign aid agency
16 Mar 2018

It's still a plan, but there is already a lot of interest — and hopes — in the possibility of a China international development cooperation agency.

ILO chief wants to cut ties with big tobacco. Will the governing body heed the call?
15 Mar 2018

More and more organizations are calling on the International Labour Organization to quit its relationship with big tobacco. But after ILO postponed a long-awaited vote on divestment today, many wonder whether the governing body will be able to reach an agreement by the end of its ongoing 332nd session in Geneva on March 22.

ADB targets 40 percent women in international positions by 2022
13 Mar 2018

What is the Asian Development Bank doing on gender equality externally and internally? Devex spoke with the bank's vice president for administration and corporate management.

Doing business with ADB: A conversation with Vice-President Deborah Stokes
12 Mar 2018

Ahead of the Asian Development Bank's ninth business opportunities fair, Devex sat down with the bank's vice-president for administration and corporate management to discuss their new procurement policies and regulations, and the types of skill sets the bank is looking for as it expands its operations.

Are global health organizations gender responsive or gender blind?
8 Mar 2018

A new report examining the gender structure and policies of 140 global health organizations shows that men dominate leadership positions. It also reveals that the majority of these organizations lack concrete gender policies in the workplace and in their programs.

Did WHO's quest to save lives in Mosul battle get too close to the front lines?
6 Mar 2018

During the humanitarian emergency of 2017 in Mosul, Iraq, the World Health Organization created a referral chain for trauma victims of the fighting — including soldiers from the frontlines. The move saved hundreds of lives, but has come under criticism from some NGOs who say it risked blurring the lines between humanitarianism and taking a too active role in a conflict.

Who's who in #globaldev: February 2018 appointments
5 Mar 2018

Canada's newly formed development finance institution just found its first managing director.

After a tumultous year, EU aid to continue in the Philippines
5 Mar 2018

Last year, the Philippines rejected part of the European Union's aid due to what it perceived as foreign intervention into its national affairs. But last week, both sides seem to have addressed the tension and are finalizing financial agreements for EU-supported projects in the country.

In the year of TB, advocates want more than a political commitment
28 Feb 2018

To this day, the origins of one of the world's oldest disease — tuberculosis — is still being debated. But the more pertinent question is where is it going?

Global nursing movement launches
27 Feb 2018

With few incentives in the face of a demanding workload, nursing and midwife shortages are likely to pose a challenge and place constraints in global efforts to reach universal health coverage.