Jenny Lei Ravelo


Jenny Lei Ravelo is a Devex Senior Reporter based in Manila. She covers global health, with a particular focus on the World Health Organization, and other development and humanitarian aid trends in Asia Pacific. Prior to Devex, she wrote for ABS-CBN, one of the largest broadcasting networks in the Philippines, and was a copy editor for various international scientific journals. She received her journalism degree from the University of Santo Tomas.

Latest Articles

Dirty energy powers aid agencies, report finds
13 Dec 2018

A new report from Chatham House finds the aid sector spent over $1 billion in polluting fuels last year to power generators, cars, and more. But saving lives need not come at great environmental cost, the authors argue.

New WHO initiative targets emergency 'blind spot'
11 Dec 2018

Talk of emergencies has often honed in on large-scale disasters and outbreaks, such as the Ebola crisis in DRC. But another type of emergency in global health doesn't often capture headlines: everyday ones.

WHO needs $14B — here's how it plans to raise it
10 Dec 2018

Budget negotiations at the World Health Organization have traditionally been a challenge. Devex speaks with WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and two of his directors for details, including what the organization plans to do differently.

Filipino NGOs unite to address extreme poverty
7 Dec 2018

After decades of aid intervention, millions of Filipino families still live in perpetual poverty. Now, local NGOs say they have a better chance of tackling poverty if they work together.

WHO launches 'Twitter-like' platform for NCDs
7 Dec 2018

Months after the high-level meeting on noncommunicable diseases, the World Health Organization has launched an online knowledge platform to encourage further exchange of ideas and partnerships in tackling the diseases.

Who's who in #globaldev: November 2018 appointments
26 Nov 2018

A new diplomat is taking over one of the toughest jobs at the United Nations, while a "Stranger Things" star joins the roster of celebrities supporting UNICEF.

The Ugandan communities a border away from Ebola
22 Nov 2018

Across the border from an Ebola outbreak in DRC, Ugandan authorities and communities are preparing themselves for the risk of transmission as best they can.

Japan, China battle for ODA influence in the Philippines
20 Nov 2018

"Japan and China are clearly key players in a new 'Asian Game of Thrones' playing out in the Philippines. What is important is that the Filipino people do not end up the losers," says Curtis Chin, former U.S. ambassador to the Asian Development Bank.

World Malaria Report 2018: 3 critical questions
19 Nov 2018

The latest data from the World Health Organization shows progress against the disease has stalled.

After 3 deferments, ILO finally decides on tobacco industry-funded projects
9 Nov 2018

The International Labour Organization will no longer rely on tobacco-industry funding for its projects to end child labor and promote workers’ rights in select tobacco growing communities — at least in the short term.