Jenny Lei Ravelo


Jenny Lei Ravelo is a Devex senior reporter based in Manila. Since 2011, she has covered a wide range of development and humanitarian aid issues, from leadership and policy changes at DfID to the logistical and security impediments faced by international and local aid responders in disaster-prone and conflict-affected countries in Africa and Asia. Her interests include global health and the analysis of aid challenges and trends in sub-Saharan Africa.

Latest Articles

From fashion to designing for development: Q&A with Sophia Sunwoo
22 Mar 2017

To figure out why water projects are failing, the Water Collective takes a markedly different approach — thanks, in no small part, to its co-founder's unusual background.

How mobile apps are making cities safer for women
15 Mar 2017

Data on lighting and visibility could help cities redesign with an eye toward wider access.

Tackling NCDs in Bhutan requires a different kind of aid
14 Mar 2017

The government of Bhutan is looking at ways to tackle the rising burden of noncommunicable diseases in the country, before it threatens citizen's health, one of the pillars of the kingdom's famed Gross National Happiness index.

Who's who in #globaldev: February 2017 appointments
27 Feb 2017

Women are dominating the scene this month in executive appointments, including two former Obama appointees and the former second lady.

Is gender parity a task for the next WHO chief?
24 Feb 2017

The three candidates vying to be director-general of the World Health Organization have expressed their commitment to gender equality, but Devex analysis of the data underscores the deep complexities behind the agency's parity shortfalls.

How aid workers should dress: Do's and dont's
21 Feb 2017

What is proper attire in a tropical country where the temperature often creeps above 32 degrees Celsius? When is donning a country’s traditional dress considered acceptable, and when is it considered impolite? Three international aid workers share their experiences with Devex, offering insights on how aid workers can better navigate this often trivialized but contentious issue.

Vaccines instead of chocolate: A global development Valentine's Day
14 Feb 2017

Valentine's Day is not just about flowers and chocolates, it's also about bringing down vaccine prices and keeping hearts healthy, according to the global development community.

MSF to aid actors: 'Step up' efforts against hepatitis E outbreak in Chad
9 Feb 2017

International medical humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières has declared the hepatitis E situation in Chad an epidemic.

WHO switches to a new recruitment portal
6 Feb 2017

The World Health Organization will be using a new recruitment platform — Stellis — starting Feb. 6. The U.N. health aid agency encourages applicants to download and save their uploaded profiles on its old recruitment platform before the month ends.

WHO board discusses polio eradication endgame
3 Feb 2017

Discussions beyond the elections at the recently concluded WHO executive board meetings underscored the magnitude of issues the next director-general will have to prepare for: polio, antimicrobial resistance, medicine shortage and access, as well as WHO's budget constraints and staffing.