Johanna Morden


Johanna Morden is a community development worker by training and a global development journalist by profession. As a Devex staff writer based in Manila, she covers the Asian Development Bank as well as Asia-Pacific's aid community at large. Johanna has written for a variety of international publications, covering social issues, disasters, government, ICT, business and the law.

Latest Articles

Is foreign aid delivery improving in North Korea?
31 Jul 2013

Devastating floods recently caused widespread damage and deaths in North Korea, historically reluctant to receiving international assistance and restricting foreign aid workers. But this time around, Devex learns that at least IFRC is reporting no problems at all with local authorities in one of the most isolated and difficult countries to be a humanitarian.

Great expectations: Australia's ambassador for disability-inclusive development
30 Jul 2013

Australia plans to appoint the first-ever ambassador for disability-inclusive development as the country prepares for the expiry of its “Development for All” strategy by 2014. Devex asks local NGOs how this new figure can steer the Australian aid program toward more focus on disability issues.

Wanted: toilets that save lives in disasters
29 Jul 2013

The search is on for new functional and low-cost toilets which can save lives in emergency situations and catastrophes. Oxfam International tells Devex why innovative designs in sanitation are vital to stem the spread of diseases in disaster conditions.

How improving worker safety may ease US trade sanctions against Bangladesh
29 Jul 2013

The United States has announced an action plan to improve worker safety in Bangladesh that could mark the end of its trade sanctions against the country. An NGO and a construction sector advocacy group tell Devex why this is an important step in the right direction.

Event preview: This week in development cooperation
29 Jul 2013

This week, discussions on climate financing and including mHealth in boosting South African health systems take center stage in global development events, while the World Health Organization plans a series of events to mark World Breastfeeding Week.

Emilia Pires on Somalia’s ‘homegrown’ approach to country ownership
26 Jul 2013

Somalia is set to take charge of its own reconstruction efforts, following in the steps of other fragile states pushing for a new, local-driven aid architecture. East Timorese finance minister and U.N. High-Level Panel member Emilia Pires tells Devex why this case study of a “homegrown” approach to development is the way to go for country ownership in the post-2015 agenda.

OECD on Myanmar's multi-pronged development strategy
25 Jul 2013

Myanmar — mainland Southeast Asia’s biggest and poorest country — is developing at breakneck speed, but widespread inequality and an aging population stand in the way. An OECD expert tells Devex about a new study on Myanmar’s development strategy that has caught the eye of donors.

NGOs gear up for unified disaster and climate change strategy in the Pacific
24 Jul 2013

A pioneer plan to integrate disaster risk management and climate change adaptation strategies in the Pacific is expected to change how millions in related aid is dispensed in the region. Devex learns how NGOs are starting to adapt to the upcoming action plan.

Lakshmi Puri on UN Women funding woes, post-2015 agenda
23 Jul 2013

U.N. Women acting chief Lakshmi Puri will relinquish her post to Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka in August. Before she steps down, Puri spoke to Devex about the agency’s hopes for the post-2015 development agenda and how donors need more to rally behind the struggling, young agency.

Humanitarian assistance: Turkey's rise shows growing importance of emerging donors
22 Jul 2013

Turkey was the fourth largest humanitarian donor in 2012 with over $1 billion in assistance, according to the 2013 Global Humanitarian Assistance. This marks the rising importance of emerging donors in the fast-changing global aid landscape, an expert tells Devex.