Mark Horoszowski


Mark Horoszowski is the co-founder and CEO of, a platform that helps people volunteer their skills around the world, on their own or through corporate-sponsored programs. Its newly launched MovingWorlds Institute, accepting applications through November 30th, combines experteering, curriculum, mentorship, and networking to help people transition to social good careers.

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Opinion: Looking to transition to a global development career? Follow these 4 steps
22 Nov 2016

While many global leaders are talking about closing borders and turning inward, more millennials than ever are looking for jobs that truly make the world better. But transitioning to an international development job is hard and finding one that you’ll actually love is even harder. In this op-ed, Mark Horoszowski, co-founder and CEO of and the newly launched Moving Worlds Institute, offers four steps for finding a social impact career you love.

How to showcase your skills-based volunteer experience
9 Dec 2014

Make sure to highlight the initiative you took and provide relative data points of how you made an impact. These are just a few of the tips Mark Horozowski, co-founder of MovingWorlds, offers about how to make your volunteer experience jump out to a recruiter from your CV or online profile.

The right match: 8 factors to consider when choosing your volunteer experience
11 Nov 2014

In facilitating matches for individuals, corporations and universities around the world, MovingWorlds has found these eight factors to be essential for a successful volunteer experience.