Molly Anders


Molly is a global development reporter for Devex. Based in London, she covers U.K. foreign aid and trends in international development. She draws on her experience covering aid legislation and the USAID implementer community in Washington, D.C., as well as her time as a Fulbright Fellow and development practitioner in the Middle East to develop stories with insider analysis.

Latest Articles

China could gain clout if US backs out of climate commitments, experts say
19 Jan 2017

As the international community worries U.S. president-elect Trump could back away from climate commitments, Chinese President Xi Jinping sends signals at Davos that his country is ready to fill a leadership void.

As Trump takes office, developing countries question green finance
18 Jan 2017

An adviser to the Indian government warns of a cooling in relations if the incoming administration reneges on funding commitments. He and other climate experts have high hopes for riskier and more "business-driven" climate investments under the Donald Trump administration.

Can an app help with the UK fundraising drought?
11 Jan 2017

As U.K. public trust in charitable organizations appears to be waning, a new smartphone app from Oxfam hopes to bring greater transparency and donor agency to the aid sector.

What more private investment means for UK aid
20 Dec 2016

Parliament is set to increase the cap for the U.K. government's investment in its development finance institution from 1.5 billion pounds to 6 billion pounds, and the money will most likely come from the U.K.'s current portfolio of aid programs.

Gates Foundation to increase humanitarian spending on refugees
13 Dec 2016

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will significantly boost its existing $20 million investment toward the humanitarian response in the Middle East and North Africa region, focusing on the WASH sector and cash transfers.

First clues for post-Brexit aid cooperation between EU and UK
9 Dec 2016

The EU's chief Brexit negotiator pointed to Norway as an example of how the U.K. will behave after its exit from the EU. What can Norway — and the options being built into the EU's new aid consensus — tell us about the future of U.K. and EU aid?

EU commissioner defends linking security and aid
7 Dec 2016

Speaking to journalists in Brussels, Neven Mimica made a case for the increasing overlap between development and security policies in the EU and other major aid donors.

What's missing from DfID's Bilateral Development Review?
2 Dec 2016

Not much is new in the U.K. Department for International Development's first Bilateral Development Review since 2011, aside from what — and who — wasn't included.

Winners and losers in DfID's new Multilateral Aid Review
2 Dec 2016

The U.K. Department for International Development released it's long-anticipated multilateral aid and bilateral development reviews Thursday. The MAR lays out a new results-based standard for multilateral organizations and criticizes partners for failing to collaborate with one another.

Africa's turn to pick the next WHO chief? Not so fast
1 Dec 2016

A new system for electing the leader of the World Health Organization means Africa's 54 member states stand a good chance of nominating their candidate, and fulfilling the unwritten rule that regions take turns leading the agency. But as France lobbies former French colonies to back its candidate, tensions are rising.