Nina Segal Kennedy


Nina Segal occasionally blogs on career matters for both job seekers and HR employees for Devex. She works as an international career consultant with a broad range of nonprofit and international organizations, including UNICEF, UNFPA, the U.N. Secretariat, IFAD, FAO, Realizing Rights and the Ford Foundation, as well as individuals in the NGO community. Nina has a particular interest in building networks and improving access to career opportunities for underrepresented groups.

Latest Articles

What you need to know: Careers in monitoring and evaluation
30 Sep 2014

M&E professionals need to be able to view the overall landscape of a project, but also be able to dig down to the gritty details. Find out what the latest hiring trends are — and tips for how to land the job — in this in-demand sector.

Mobility plans: Are they worth it?
9 Sep 2014

For aid workers, the need to remain mobile can put a strain on dual-career families and professional development. For employers, it’s a puzzle of logistics that can potentially impact other human resources goals like gender equity. So when is a mobility program a good idea?

What it takes to promote, attain meaningful internal staff diversity in global development
12 Aug 2014

The benefits of promoting a diverse team have become quite obvious to the development community as a whole, but just how to ensure an organization’s diversity — less so. There are, however, several best practices to help groups head in the right direction.

How to build and maintain a pipeline of experts
30 Oct 2012

These challenges are shared by recruiters at multilateral organizations, NGOs and consulting firms around the world. We asked industry experts for solutions.

For non-recruiters: Recruiting basics in foreign aid
9 Oct 2012

Here are eight tips and tricks for those without an HR background who find themselves taking an active role in the recruitment of international development staff.

The challenges of hiring for hardship posts
13 Aug 2012

Where do you find a Portuguese-speaking technical expert for a remote aid project in Yemen? Recruiters from top aid organizations share the challenges and best practices in hiring people for development hot spots.

The challenges and opportunities of hiring locals
19 Jun 2012

The importance of sourcing and managing local staff will only increase as international donors funnel increasing amounts of aid through institutions on the ground.