Pete Troilo


As director of global advisory and analysis, Pete manages all Devex research and analysis operations worldwide and monitors key trends in the global development business. Prior to joining Devex, Pete was a political and security risk consultant with a focus on Southeast Asia. He has also advised the U.S. government on foreign policy and led projects for the Asian Development Bank and International Finance Corp.

Latest Articles

Special feature: American public opinion on aid in the Trump era
29 Aug 2017

In this third part of our series on American public opinion of foreign aid, now comes the question on most readers' minds: what does this wealth of polling data tell us about the public’s opinion of foreign assistance during the Trump presidency? And perhaps more importantly, what can and should the development community do about it?

ADB and the Fourth Industrial Revolution
9 May 2017

From achieving the Sustainable Development Goals to infrastructure design and implementation to youth engagement, the ADB forum continuously highlighted the role technology and innovation should play in the bank's portfolio and engagement across the Asia-Pacific region.

As ADB expands operations, prospective partners step up their interest
31 Mar 2017

Devex attended the most recent ADB Business Opportunities Fair. Here are some of the business development insights and tips we learned as the bank prepares its new framework strategy to respond to evolving development challenges in the Asia-Pacific region.

Top Devex funding stories from 2016
23 Dec 2016

Devex funding coverage has focused on a range of important issues, including procurement trends of the world’s major bilateral donors, analysis of the most high-profile development challenges, and new and promising sources of development finance. Here are the development funding themes that attracted the highest interest from our community and stories that were most widely read and shared in 2016.

Where the Philippines' 'straight path' leads
5 May 2016

Despite sociopolitical challenges, the Aquino administration established a foundation for accountable government and inclusive growth.

Civil-military response to health emergencies: An appropriate last resort
15 Feb 2016

After Ebola, the debate over civil-military cooperation during health emergencies is just beginning. At stake is the degree to which civilian health agencies will rely on military assistance in the future and the international community's collective ability to confront the next epidemic.

In Obama's final SOTU, global dev gets unexpected airtime
13 Jan 2016

In a speech that was more reflective and hopeful than action-oriented, U.S. President Barack Obama linked global development issues to U.S. leadership and national security.

3 must-know development finance stories in 2015
21 Dec 2015

In many ways, 2015 was a milestone year for global development with new priorities and actors changing the development finance outlook like never before. Here's a recap of a few important development finance stories Devex covered in 2015 and will continue to watch in 2016.

MDB chief economists weigh in on China's slowdown and the poor
12 Oct 2015

The consequences of China's economic slowdown may dominate business news, but chief economists at the world's four largest multilateral development banks contend the country's drop in commodity purchasing does not spell doom and gloom for the world's poor.

Economic development PPPs gain steam
2 Oct 2015

The United States, the world's largest bilateral aid donor, has made observable progress forging partnerships in the economic growth, trade and entrepreneurship sector. Devex gives you the inside track.