Richard Jones


In his role as Editorial Director Richard oversees content for digital series, reports and events, leading a talented team of writers and editors, conducting high-level video interviews and moderating panels at events. Previously partnerships editor and an associate editor at Devex, Richard brings to bear 15 years of experience as an editor in institutional communications, public affairs and international development. Based in Barcelona, his development experience includes stints in the Dominican Republic, Argentina and Ecuador, as well as extensive work travel in Africa and Asia.

Latest Articles

Video: 'We are ready for business,' says Nigeria's minister of health
14 Dec 2018

On the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly in September 2018, Nigeria Minister of Health Isaac Adewole shared with Devex how the government wants to tell the business community that Nigeria is the place to come.

Video: Investor appetite for social impact contributions
19 Oct 2018

Monique Vledder, practice manager at the Global Financing Facility, shared that GFF is looking for joint investment opportunities to help low-income women and children.

Video: Meeting the SDGs for maternal and child health
30 Jul 2018

In order to eradicate preventable maternal deaths, the private sector and the development community need to come together and develop a relationship of mutual trust, MSD for Mothers' Mary-Ann Etiebet told us at Devex World.

Taking the holistic approach to health care
23 Oct 2017

There are many organizations working at the local level to improve access to health care, but one challenge many initiatives face is how to scale effectively. Speaking to Devex, Philips' CEO Frans van Houten explains how a holistic approach is really the only solution when it comes to addressing health needs and why collaboration is key to achieving scale.

Urban development needs 'complete paradigm shift'
17 Aug 2016

Creating smarter, sustainable and more efficient cities requires more than just access to finance. Andrew McIntyre, senior urban development specialist at the Asian Development Bank, gives Devex the inside track in this exclusive interview.

How to fight a 'silent killer'
12 Aug 2016

Noncommunicable diseases are often dubbed “silent killers” because they lack symptoms — not least hypertension, which claims more than 9.4 million lives globally every year. In Ghana, Devex got the inside track on how digital tools are enabling health workers and physicians to share information, and how patients are being helped to self-manage their condition.

Asia-Pacific needs stronger financial preparedness for disasters
5 Aug 2016

To better manage climate-related risks such as floods, the Asia-Pacific region needs not only to boost resilient infrastructure initiatives, but also more natural disaster insurance penetration. Asian Development Bank experts Charlotte Benson and Cinzia Losenno tell Devex how the bank is helping the region meet this goal.

Telemedicine in Ghana: Just what the doctor ordered?
4 Aug 2016

When we think of digital health, we generally think of new gadgets smart apps and the breakthrough innovations. But perhaps using the technology available is the most efficient approach. In Ghana, 90 percent of the population has a mobile phone, and telemedicine projects are being developed to deliver health impact at scale.

Tableau Software: How to harness the power of data through data storytelling
16 Jun 2016

In the wake of Devex World, Tableau Software's Director of Product Marketing Ben Jones shares his insights on the power of data storytelling and how it can help maximize the impact of development organizations.

Inside a partnership approach in India
10 Jun 2016

India is on the rise, continuing its transition from international aid recipient to donor, but what role do private sector partners play in helping the country forge a new way forward? Devex spoke with Grant Thornton India’s Vikesh Mehta about the dynamic future of India’s economic and social development arena.