Devex's top advice from 2019 for career transitions

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As global development evolves to embrace new partners, funding models, and innovations, a diverse range of skills are needed across the sector. Technology is changing the know-how needed to work in monitoring and evaluation, while agriculture modeling could be an important skill for agricultural scientists in the future. Demand is growing for digital skills in global development, and opportunities for professionals from other sectors — including finance, science, and information technology — are increasing.

Perhaps you already work in global development but are looking to make a change, like this public health specialist who now consults on how space policy can support the SDGs, or these individuals who learned basic coding skills to build apps for development.

Are you looking to make a career transition next year? Here are some tips on how to translate your experience, gain relevant expertise, and demonstrate your passion for global development work:

Recruiter insights: How to transition into global development

Global development recruiters share their advice for professionals looking to break into the sector. They recommend getting to know globaldev through informational interviews and industry events and gaining relevant experience through volunteering.

Career transitioners: How to translate your experience

Many career transitioners struggle to translate their skills and experience in a way that resonates with global development recruiters and hiring managers. Experts share their tips for translating experience by renaming and reframing skills and focusing more on the impact of your accomplishments.

Work in finance? Here's how to land a job with a foundation

Currently working in finance but looking to make a change? The growth of foundations and their contribution to the sector means they need professionals with finance experience to manage and invest their endowments. Find out where your private sector skills are in demand and how to translate them.

Here's how to get started in your impact investment career

Job opportunities in impact investing are growing. Three impact professionals talk about how they came to work in the development space and share tips for others looking to get started in their impact investing careers. Connecting with others in the space and keeping up with trends and funding are key components of making this career switch.

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