Environmental jobs: What you need to know

Environmental experts are needed for a growing number of development initiatives, such as one backed by the U.S. Agency for International Development near Epulu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Above: A river flowing through the Okapi Fauna Reserve in the Epulu vicinity. Photo by: J. Doremus/USAID

Ongoing talks on a new global framework for climate change adaptation and mitigation draw attention to how consequential work in the environmental sector is to the world’s future.

A whole range of talents and skills are needed, but a solid background in the sciences and adept policy maneuvering are indispensable.

The United Nations Environment Program and others have pointed out that continuing efforts around the world to reduce the adverse impact of climate change have already generated millions of new green jobs in various sectors and economies.

The potential to create many more in both developed and developing countries is enormous as governments, businesses and households find alternative and sustainable means to create, harness and utilize finite energy resources.

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