Fuller: Greenpeace Claims on Corporate Funding to Deny Climate Science Could be Overblown

Greenpeace claims that an “out-of-sight” corporation in the United States has channeled some USD25 million to fund grants and alleged front organizations that debunk the science behind climate change, according to the Examiner.

In its latest report, environment activists pointed to Kansas-based Koch Industries as “the financial kingpin of climate science denial,” funding think tanks and spokespersons that shoot down scientists’ warnings about the changing climate.

Writer Thomas Fuller, however, said Greenpeace could be reading too much from the Koch philanthropy: The company has long been providing funds for think tanks around the U.S., including energy and environment research centers.

“The Greenpeace story doesn’t mention how long Koch (and Exxon, for that matter) have been funding organisations like this. That’s because their funding predates any controversy about global warming. That’s right, they were giving money to these conservative think tanks back when news stories were worried about global cooling–and even before anyone was worried about the climate at all,” Fuller wrote in the Examiner.

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