Tableau’s Director of Social Impact Neal Myrick explains how business intelligence software can help target global aid.

From global health apps to food security, Tableau’s Director of Social Impact Neal Myrick says that his company’s software has helped pinpoint how and where to provide aid — saving money, time and countless lives.

On the sidelines of Devex World, Myrick told Devex Partnerships Director Erin Houston about Tableau’s work with a World Food Program unit on a cellphone application for use in conflict-affected settings. Data are gathered to decipher whether the problem is related to food shortages, or whether people simply don’t have the means to buy what is available on the market and the WFP can then intervene accordingly.

Watch the video clip above for more insights from Myrick, including the inside track on Tableau’s partnership with PATH in Zambia and work on a U.S. Centers for Disease Control-sponsored disease surveillance system in Vietnam.

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