ICT4D Jobs: Building a career in digital development

By Kate Warren 27 May 2016

An excerpt of “ICT4D: Building a career in digital development.” Career Account members can watch the full recording below.

The use of information and communications technology for development, or ICT4D, is disrupting just about every facet of development. From mobile banking, access to healthcare, to remote learning, ICT4D is connecting people, providing better information, informing policy decisions and changing the way development professionals operate.  

While it’s clear that as a development practitioner you must incorporate technology into your work, the growth of ICT4D has opened up a whole new niche providing a wide range of exciting career opportunities.

In this Devex webinar, Wayan Vota, senior mobile advisor at FHI 360's TechLab and co-creator of ICT4Djobs, talks to us about what kinds of positions are available, who you can work for, what skills you need to be successful and trends impacting career opportunities in ICT4D today.

There are two kinds of roles you typically find in a digital development career: the business analyst and the technologist.

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Kate Warren is the senior director and editor of careers and recruiting content at Devex. With more than a decade of international development recruitment experience working with international NGOs, consulting firms and donor agencies, she has a finger on the pulse of hiring trends across the industry and insider knowledge on what it takes to break in.

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