Long Story Short #8: The do's and don'ts of global development storytelling

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Guest: Carine Umuhumuza, Devex Associate Director of Communications
Host: Kate Wathen, Devex Engagement Editor

What we covered:
00:00 - Opening + icebreakers
02:20 - Don’t: White Savior image
08:20 - Don’t: "Poverty Porn"
10:47 - 3 do’s for effective storytelling
15:07 - Don't: Oversimplify complex issues
17:50 - Examples of organizations getting it right
20:42 - Audience question: Platforms that publicize humanitarian crises
22:39 - Favorite Twitter storytellers?
25:09 - Audience question: Best diaspora storytellers?
26:30 - Best advice to development communicators

Development communicators have a lot to balance — stopping the scroll, trying to go viral, and testing new strategies, all while trying to convey complex and sensitive stories. When it comes to success in #globaldev storytelling, there are a lot of do's, and a lot of don'ts. In this episode, Devex Associate Director of Communications Carine Umuhumuza shares her tips for success and examples of brands and campaigns that are creating engagement-worthy content in the era of social media.

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