Recruiters insights: Networking is key to finding consulting work

Recruiters share their tips for finding consulting opportunities in the sector.

Global development organizations are frequently looking for consultants to provide technical expertise and support on projects. Many of these positions are not advertised externally, making it difficult for professionals looking to get started as consultants or secure their next project.

Most of the time, the hiring manager doesn’t need to advertise a consulting job because they will tap into their network of contacts, explained Roberto Amorosino, senior HR specialist at the World Bank Group. Consulting opportunities that are less than one year long are not normally advertised on the bank’s career page but may be shared through social media or professional associations instead.

Professionals looking to land consulting work should therefore connect and engage with the departments they are interested in and increase their visibility this way, Amorosino advised.

Hillary Jenkins, leadership recruiter at World Vision, agreed that it is helpful to connect with people in the sector and, through informational interviews, find out where there could be opportunities.

It is also important to know what’s happening in the sector — what the trends are and where organizations are getting grants from, she said.

Watch the video to hear more advice on how to find consulting opportunities.

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