How can virtual volunteering drive social change? Via YouTube

Deeply entrenched inequities in health, social disparities, and racial injustice gave rise to social justice movements this year and brought them to center stage around the world. At the same time, the coronavirus pandemic has forced people to work from home amid lockdowns and social distancing requirements.

Against this backdrop, how can individuals continue to make a difference in local and global issues? And how can companies implementing employee volunteering programs keep these initiatives running, despite social distancing requirements? Enter virtual volunteering.

Volunteerism is central to the work of the Medtronic Foundation. Every year, the Medtronic Foundation empowers Medtronic employees to find volunteer opportunities that match their interests and professional skill set. Since June, employees have logged more than 29,000 hours of virtual volunteering on projects relating to social justice, health, and environmental issues.

In this video, Medtronic employees from across the globe explain what it has been like adapting to a virtual mode of volunteering, and share their tips on what companies should take into account when planning virtual volunteering initiatives.

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