Top employers in humanitarian relief

Action Against Hunger team deliver hygiene kits to Iraqi refugees. Which organizations are among the top employers in humanitarian relief? Photo by: Florian Seriex / ACF International / CC BY

In the immediate aftermath of a disaster, the most important challenge is always to get lifesaving food, water, medicine, shelter, and other supplies to those affected. Once basic needs have been met, efforts to rebuild the community — including its education, health and livelihood systems — find themselves at the top of the agenda.

Organizations in the humanitarian relief sector often work in tough environments, facing natural disasters and conflict head-on. Because of the fast pace and dynamism of the sector, there is usually a plethora of job opportunities — driven by the major events and emergencies of the day, as well as by funding. Those working in this sector are usually employed, either as full-time staff, consultants, or contractors, by national and local governments, civil society groups, multilateral and bilateral donors, consulting firms or humanitarian organizations.

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